Rough Sex & Religious Play

Rough sex is something I can never get enough of because I know I’m a bad girl. This fantasy isn’t for the light-hearted. It’s about taboo phone sex and about hardcore, intense phone sex.

My phone rang and when I heard his voice on the other line, my pussy immediately got soaked. I hadn’t heard from him in quite a while, but when we play we play hard.

I knew it was time for penance.

He walked me through the setup of the candles. It was five rows of ten white taper candles. They were placed on a low dresser in my closet because I was going to bow on my knees before them.

After I made the sign of the cross, it was time to begin. Methodically, I oiled up my naked body before I got dressed. I only wore a pair of white heels, tight short black skirt, and a white sports bra.

We were ready to begin.

First, I lit a half used candle because I needed it to light the rest. I bowed obediently before the rows of candles while I led the prayer. With each candle that went up in flame, we said a Hail Mary. It gave that candle so much life and energy.

With each candle lit, the heat inside my closet grew more and more intense. I started breathing heavy and sweat dripped down my brow. By the time we lit the last of the candles, I was panting and my pussy was as hot as the room.

As the prayers and chanting died down, it was time for my pussy to get completely wrecked. He told me exactly how to fuck my pussy with my 10-inch dildo. I slammed my pussy so hard with a bag over my head. It was suffocating and hot and I don’t think I could have cum harder if I tried.

This is exactly what rough sex is like: bowing above lit candles with a dildo stretching out my pussy. It was hot phone sex, but in so many different ways that it was mind-blowing. I can’t wait to play again.