I Finally Found A Guy I Could Have Rough Sex With

Rough sex is something I wanted to try with boyfriends in the past. But they were all kind of vanilla sorts who were not really into that kind of sex play. So after they declined, I figured that was fine, it’s just not their thing. This latest guy I’ve been seeing though is quite an intense guy. And he’s not been gentlGisele is ready for rough sexe with me a few times in bed. So I knew asking him if he’d like to kick it up a notch would definitely get a “Yes” reply. I was correct. I told him I’d been watching a few BDSM movies where the guy is a bit rough with his partner. And it turned me on to watch, and would he be interested in that kind of scenario?

He Choked Me So Hard I Thought I’d Pass Out

I was correct, he smiled with glee when I said I’d like to be tied up. Maybe choked and spanked. He assured me he’d done this many times before and would be happy to educate me on the finer points of rough sex.He got some handcuffs and cuffed me to he bedpost and then wrapped one of his hands around my throat and was pressing on my neck vein with his thumb, I honestly thought I was going to black out and then he released it and I gasped for air and came about at the same time. It did intensify my orgasm, there was no doubt about it.

He Always Knew How To Take Me To The Edge

He then a few nights later had me on all fours and was fucking me from behind. When I asked to get a firm spanking, I had red hand prints on my ass by the time he was finished with me and I must say, even though it hurt to sit down the next day, I’d cum very well. He always knew just what it would take to hurt me. But not too much, only to the point of it turning me on. It seemed very naughty, and yet I couldn’t stop myself. He said he enjoyed it as well, and that rough sex where he was getting some of the abuse turned him on a great deal as well.

I sat on his face and demanded he lick my pussy. And I knew he was having a bit of trouble breathing I was smothering him so. but I didn’t stop, and he kept licking until I came. Even though he was struggling for air.

This rough sex could be a lot of fun I found out. Another time he tied me up, hog tied me, my arms were pinned behind my back. I couldn’t move my tied up legs, I was immobilized and he brought out this huge, very powerful vibrator. One of those magic wand types, and he placed it on my pussy until I was quivering and begging him to stop. The sensations were so overwhelmingly powerful and he wouldn’t stop until he felt I’d been truly exhausted from pleasure. We seemed to always find some new way to push each other and experiment with different ways to try rough sex in one capacity or another and it was a lot of fun.

Juicy Lil Gisele

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