He Was Dominant,I was Submissive

My boyfriend has always been a more dominant type of person, and I’m more submissive. So when he asked if I’d be willing to try some bondage stuff in the bedroom. I didn’t even think of saying no to him. He was always more pin me down with his wrists sort and not really into handcuffs or tying me up with scarves or anything. But I was curious what he had in mind and when I asked he just said, “You’ll see.” Ok, fine,.So the next night he had the bedroom set up with these fur lined handcuffs on each bedpost . And this spreader bar things at the bottom of the bed, no doubt for my feet to be strapped to.

He Was Teasing Me And Making Me Squirm

He said when he held me down his hand were busy doing that.  If they were restrained by other means, he’d have his hands free to do other, naughtier things. I laid on the bed and he attached the spreader bar to my feet.  And they were immobilizers and then my wrists were cuffed to the bedposts and I was essentially spread eagle. Which I didn’t mind at all. He then put a blindfold on me and I then heard a slight buzzing sound.  And realized he’d turned on a vibrator, which I soon felt at my nipples, teasing me and making me squirm. He then traced it down to my cunt and I was writhing there wanting it to hit my clit.  But he was going to make me beg for it.

gisele submissive

I Was Feeling More Submissive Than Usual

I was feeling even more submissive than usual by being bound up like this and I couldn’t move much at all. And I could feel him tracing the lightly buzzing vibe over my outer pussy lips . And it felt so good, but he was taking his time teasing me.  His submissive little slut of a girlfriend. I just relaxed and let him do his work, and I was getting so wet in anticipation,.I could feel my pussy lips open like a moist, rained on flower.

 He took that as a sign I was more than ready by being so wet. So I finally felt it touch my inner lips and then my clit. I was bucking up to it as best I could in the restrained position. I was in and he was laughing at watching me struggle to make myself cum with it.

He was teasing my clit with the tip of the vibe, making it go in little circles around and around my clit.  Then holding it directly on my clit as he held open my cunt lips with the fingers of his left hand. Making my exposed clit stick out as he played with the vibe right on it.

He dialed the speed up a notch and that almost instantly put me over the edge . And I shuddered and cried out. And came and he then turned of the vibe and then replaced it with his tongue. I could feel him licking up my wetness and burying his face between my thighs and sucking hard on my clit.  And it wasn’t long before I had another orgasm from his skillful mouth. Being submissive can have its advantages for sure, like allowing him to make me cum whenever he wants me to. I’m certainly not complaining!
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