If I’m going to get fucked, I usually prefer rough sex.

A gentle, emotional lay is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but mostly I need that hard, animalistic rough sex.

So tonight I’m going to get my boyfriend to pound my pussy. I can guarantee he’ll give me rough sex so long as I seduce him in a specific way. I’ll wait until he’s settled on the couch and kneel in front of him, running the nails of my fingers up and down his thighs. Then I’ll undo his belt and free his cock from his pants.

    I have to act like he isn’t there and it’s just me and his cock, no mind attached. I’ll stroke that big dick as fast as I can for almost a full minute and then release it onto his stomach. When it calms down slightly, I’ll drive him insane by just flicking my tongue against the head of it.

   He’ll be thrusting that cock up closer to my mouth in less than a minute, but it isn’t going in my mouth! Uh-uh! I’ll drop down to the base of his shaft and just firmly lick all the way up until he thinks I’m going to suck the head of his throbbing dick down my throat…and then I’ll sit back on my heels and finally look up at him.

    His expression will be wild, lost in anticipation, and god, he’ll be ready to give me that rough sex I crave. He’ll grab me by my hair up off of my knees and bend me over the arm of the couch. Once he gets my pussy free from my panties, the fun will really begin.

I can expect to have a red ass by the time he’s done claiming what’s his!

God, Scott makes rough sex feel so fucking good! Once he slams that prick straight to the limit of my cunt, he’ll pound me with the speed and enthusiasm of a Doberman. That cock of his will fuck my pussy raw as I tell him over and over to own it.

    But he’ll have to wait to have rough sex until I’m all done having phone sex with you tonight! If you’d like more sex stories to be sure to check out my other blogs.

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