My true sex stories just keep getting hotter!

Most of my true sex stories are about me seeking out people that will own me. I can be in charge anytime I desire, but last night the Domme got owned. Penny and I for wasted last night drinking Jack and Cokes and my boyfriend Scott took his shot to be on top for the night.

     I stumbled into the bedroom around 2 am and he was instantly pissed. He started out just grumbling under his breath but as soon as I laid down in nothing but my black thong, he sprang. His strong arms pinned my shoulders as he rolled on top of me, spreading my legs wide to accommodate his.

My pussy was dripping instantly!

 Scott’s usually sooo submissive, so getting even this little bit of aggression was just too tantalizing to resist. I decided to just lay back and see what he could deliver.

Scott pressed his rigid cock between my pussy lips, a snarl on his face as he slowly thrust over and over. He wrapped his hand around my ponytail and yanked my head backward, exposing my throat to him. Slowly, be broke eye contact to scrape his teeth down that elegant column of flesh and latch on near my collarbone. As soon as his teeth sank into me, so did his fat dick.

     I lost my drunken fucking mind!!

My legs wrapped themselves around his hips and I just held on as best as I could while he pounded into me. I didn’t think it could get any hotter…and then he flipped me over. Normally Scott is a talker in bed. He loves worshipping every inch of me out loud while I work his body over. Tonight though, he didn’t say a word. Just growls and grunts. God, I love my true sex stories!

   Once he had me on all fours he rammed his prick directly up my tight ass.

To say I was unprepared would be a massive understatement. I screamed and tried to run from it, but he just collapsed on top of me, shoving my face into the pillows and himself all the way inside of me.

He slid a hand under my pussy and squeezed my clit as hard as he could. It was obvious that tonight was NOT about pleasing me. I screamed into my pillow as loudly as I could and renewed my efforts to squirm away. I was rewarded by Scott pulling his cock almost all the way out of my painfully throbbing asshole and slamming it back in, balls deep. As soon as I tried to lift my head to scream, he unloaded a huge wad into me. Once he was completely empty, he got up, slammed the door, and went to sleep on the couch.

I guess it’ll just be phonesex for me tonight!

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