I crossed a line with these cheating sex stories but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

There’s something so hot about cheating sex stories. Just knowing that it’s got to stay a secret makes every caress that much better. With Scott though, finding someone off-limits is quite a challenge. He’s a huge fan of letting me roam so not much gets him feeling like I betrayed him…except family.

      As some of you know, I went camping this weekend, and well I didn’t behave myself at all. I got my boyfriend Scott drunk and tucked in by 10 pm. He was snuggled up in our tent all by himself for most of the night and since It was just us and his cousin, David, we were all alone.

      David and I just sat by the campfire for a while stealing glances at each other and letting our fingers touch as we passed a joint back and forth. As the joint burnt down to nothing, our glances got bolder. I finally caught him openly staring at my tits for a full five seconds before he looked up and realized he’d been caught. Our blue eyes locked and his pale cheeks went bright red. I gave him a knowing smile and looked down at my barely restrained breasts.

God, they DID look juicy!

   At that moment, I decided cheating sex stories were even better in real life and I leaned over and kissed him. Just a sultry peck on the lips, but now my intentions were unmistakable. I ran my sharp nails over his close-cropped blond hair and dragged him in for another, deeper, kiss. I opened my mouth and plunged my tongue into his own sweet mouth. He tasted like weed and horniness.

    After a few seconds, I released him. I sat back in my chair and just looked at how much I’d affected him. His eyes were glazed over with desire and marijuana but I could see the war inside of him. His cousin, whom he looks up to and respects, was laying 10 yards away…

I had to pounce now before he came up with a list of reasons why he couldn’t, so I took my black tank top off to distract him. His whole body tensed and then he pounced. He was on the ground kneeling in front of me with his face buried in my tits in 2 seconds.

He grabbed the cup of my bra and yanked, exposing my hard nipple so he could suck on it.

    His hands moved restlessly over my body until he’d finally gotten his senses back. Then he scooped me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He growled low in his throat as he slammed me up against the nearest tree he could find.

   His lips went to my neck as he tore my leggings off and shoved his pants low enough to get his straining dick out. Once he had it free, he released it and just pumped it between my slick pussy lips as he told me what a bad girl I was for seducing him. He grabbed my nipple and twisted harshly to emphasize his point and my pussy gushed for him. He must have felt it because he let out another low growl, put a hand firmly over my mouth, and thrust himself inside of me in one movement.

    I screamed into his palm as he slammed home. I’d never seen his cock and it was so much bigger than I’d counted on. My pussy lips were wrapped snugly around it as he pistoned into me and my back was being rubbed raw on the bark of the tree he had me pinned against. I felt on fire.

    Soon his thrusts became longer and I could feel him getting close.

He dipped his hand between our bodies and started caressing my clit. His rough fingers demanded that I cum, so I obliged. My pussy convulsed around his dick and I bit down on his palm to keep from screaming. David gave one last pump and pulled out, spilling his semen down my thigh. He kept his eyes locked on the streams of gooey cum he was dispensing on my leg until he’d left me with every last drop. He then just walked away, leaving me there to bask in what a slut I’d been, giving me one of my hottest cheating sex stories!

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