I was a freshman in college the first time I had sorority girl lesbian sex. Whenever I look at her, I get wet. We had such a wild night together. Although, to be honest…she couldn’t really keep up with me and my sexual needs. I tend to crave rough sex, and rough lesbian sex is just incredible! This is the story of one of my rougher encounters.

Getting Ready For Rough Lesbian Sex (and Formal)

I love formal. I love it! Getting dressed up, going out to fancy dinners, getting drunk, dancing our faces off – I love it so much! Formal is like prom, except there’s more alcohol and no chaperones. Have I mentioned that I love formal? This particular year, I didn’t have a date, but I did that on purpose. I wanted to have fun with all of my sisters, and I couldn’t do that if I had some guy hanging off of me and trying to get his hands into my panties. And that’s assuming I chose to wear panties!

So anyway, I was getting ready for formal. I decided to wear this long, tight black dress that had a halter neckline. This was also on purpose; I could reach up behind my neck, unclasp the straps, and free my breasts. I had no intention of wearing a bra. Panties are optional at best and this time, I did decide to wear them. I had a plan though.

I planned to seduce one of my sisters and take her back to my room at the sorority house for some crazy rough lesbian sex. To start though, we’d begin at the venue. I had a large clutch I planned to use for the night and I’d already checked. All of my accessories for the night fit inside it. That way, she’d be a horny, slutty mess for me the entire bus-ride back to our sorority house.

Rough Lesbian Sex At Formal

We arrived at the venue and I zeroed in on my sister. She looked gorgeous in a loose, long cream-colored silk dress. I planned to rip it off of her and have her screaming my name by the end of the night.

The great thing about formal is that you can bring your own drinks and leave them with the bartender, or you can just buy directly from the bartender. I pre-gamed in my bedroom before I went downstairs to board the bus, so by the time I arrived at the venue, I was buzzed. The alcohol in my system was key because I’m a switch. My interests tend to be more submissive, but I enjoy being bossy and dominant. I needed a little liquid courage to initiate the rough lesbian sex I had planned for the night.

Now, my sister had been giving me sultry looks all night. I knew she wanted me. We’d run into each other in the bathroom often enough and she’d commented that she’d heard me masturbating often enough; I could pick up on the clues she was dropping, She wanted me.

I bumped into her on my way to the bathroom and she caught my forearm. “Hi,” she whispered, looking up at me through dark eyelashes. I grinned and whispered that she should follow me. I swear I could see her nipples harden. Excellent, I thought. She wasn’t wearing a bra either. I planned to use that to my advantage.

We got into the bathroom and I locked the door behind us. Without waiting for another moment, I pushed her up against the door and attacked her neck. She moaned and scratched at my back, so I pulled back. “Mouth,” she insisted, and I smiled. We made out and she moaned desperately.

Rough Lesbian Sex in the Bathroom

She started tugging up her dress so I could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. This was good for my plan. I slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and looked at her. She was breathing hard and her face was flushed. As a result, my pussy was soaked. Her nipples were so hard. I reached into my clutch and pulled out the nipple teasers I’d packed. They had a delicate chain between them and they had little knobs on the side; this was so I could adjust the tension. I decided to make them really tight; she had great tits and I knew she could take it.

She cried out and I slid my hand in between her thighs. Her pussy was soaking wet too! I decided that she was ready. Then, I told her to undress me. She reached up and unclasped my halter straps; my dress was pretty tight so even though my tits were out, my dress didn’t hit the floor. I shoved my dress down and was left in just my panties. She was staring at me and tugging on the chain that connected her nipples. This made my clit throb and I prided myself on knowing a good sorority slut when I saw one.

She looked at my panties and looked up at me. As a result, I could tell she knew what was coming. I reached into my clutch and pulled out the eight-inch cock I packed earlier that night. I attached it to the harness that doubled as my panties and then stood behind her.

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