I signed up for sorority recruitment the summer before my freshman year. To be honest, I was so scared that I wouldn’t fit in! I was kind of a slut – I just broke up with my first sugar daddy and I really liked fucking around with girls, and I didn’t want that to stand in the way of getting a bid. I loved the idea of joining a sorority and getting sisters. But I would be lying if I told you I didn’t sign up for recruitment with fantasies of lesbian sorority girls in my head!

Lesbian Sorority Girls Meet For The First Time

So let’s fast-forward. I got my bid and I moved into my sorority house. I had a roommate and I was head over heels crushing on her. Short blonde hair, big eyes, great tits – I wanted her! Was she into me? I didn’t know, but I decided to find out. I started dropping casual hints, but I didn’t want to be too obvious. What if she was straight?

Luckily for me, it didn’t take much. All we needed was a bottle of Svedka from my Big Sister and a late-night game of truth or dare to get things going. Was she into me? I decided to find out. Subtlety is damned! She asked me what my hottest kiss was. I told her about prom night with my best friend. We were making out in the back of the limo. She was ignoring her date because he got drunk on punch and fell asleep. It was so hot! The making out with her…not her date falling asleep. I was wearing a really tight dress; she was in a shorter, fluffy thing. Needless to say, I definitely fingered her in the back of our limo.

Lesbian Sorority Girls Confess

My roommate was breathing hard; her face flushed. I leaned in close and she closed her eyes. “I want you,” I said. No bullshit. No beating around the bush. As a result, her eyes opened wide and she bit her lip. It was so sexy! She blinked once. Then, she looked at me and told me she wanted me too. I could’ve screamed from how excited I was. Instead, I just launched myself over and kissed her.

She moaned into my mouth and ran her hands through my hair. I was already so wet! We started the game in our pajamas, and she was wearing these tiny athletic shorts. I slid my hand up her thigh and into her shorts; she groaned and forced my hand further. “I want you too,” she whispered. I could’ve come on the spot.

Lesbian Sorority Girls Play

She wiggled out of her shorts and I pulled my tank top off. We could both see how hard my nipples were. She reached up and took one in her mouth and I started moaning. Her soft, wet tongue felt so good on my skin! I slid one of my thighs in between her legs and she immediately started grinding down against me. Between her athletic shorts and me pressing back up into her, I’m sure the friction was insane.

“I want to watch you come in your panties,” I told her. She whimpered and sucked hard on the nipple. Then, I slid my hand into her shorts so she was grinding down onto my fingers. I love the feeling of a soft, wet cunt sliding over my fingers. The only thing I love more when I’m playing with a girl is the feeling of her pussy on my tongue. “Can I eat you out?” I looked up at her, begging her with my eyes.


Together, we slid her athletic shorts down her tanned legs and let them drop on the floor. Then, I wiggled out of my shorts too. She was whining and tugging at her own nipples through her shirt, which drove me crazy. I loved knowing she wanted it just as much as I did!

I kept fingering her pussy and she kept whining and begging for it. She was going to come all over my fingers before I ate her out. That was my rule any time I played with lesbian sorority girls. I slid my fingers deeper and curled them gently; she convulsed and screamed my name while she squirted all over my fingers. I licked my fingers clean and then settled down between her thighs for my reward.

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