“You can call me Daddy, if you want.” The text came through and I clutched my phone to my chest. I was swooning. Those words have never meant age-play to me. Those words have always indicated the beginning of one of my favorite types of relationships –  digital sugaring. I’ve been active in the sugar community, both in-person and through digital sugaring for about four years now. It’s a lifestyle I love and one that has given me some of the best memories – and sex – of my life so far!

My First Daddy

I started where most Babies start, and while I don’t want to name any sites, anyone with access a search engine can figure out where I mean. I got lucky – I didn’t have to filter through message upon message for too long before I found Sam*. He was 20 years older than me, friendly, willing to meet in public, and very generous. We weren’t together for long – he was seeking something long-term and involving extensive travel – something my course-load wouldn’t allow. Our first date was to my favorite sushi restaurant. He bought me a cocktail while we waited to be seated, paid for the meal, and when we were done but not ready for the night to be over, he suggested we walk over to the mall and we’d go to Sephora (a high-end makeup store).

I thought he’d come in with me, but he politely declined, saying that the perfume might give him a headache. Instead, he took out his wallet, handed me $200 in twenties and told me to go have fun. He only asked that I get at least one dark lipstick. I was totally on board with this and I did have fun – and got two shades of a dark berry lipstick that he very much enjoyed later.

Our second date was to a wine tasting at his country club, and I would be lying if I told you that we didn’t mess around in one of the private rooms afterward. That berry lipstick he liked so much? It looked so lovely smeared across his cock. I’ve always been good at showing my gratitude, and Sam and I had a very mutually beneficial relationship. We’d do dinner, shopping, trips occasionally, and while he never actually fucked me, the foreplay was phenomenal. It ended amicably and he actually introduced me to Eric*.

My Foray Into Digital Sugaring

Oh, Eric. I get hot just thinking about Eric. Eric was tall, broad, 17 years older than me, and one of the hardest working men I’ve ever met. Eric and I didn’t start as a digital sugaring thing; we had your standard arrangement at first. It was different than Sam though – whereas Sam was more pay-to-play, Eric gave me a monthly allowance and we’d get together as often as possible. We’d go shopping too, and he’d surprise me with gorgeous jewelry, luxury handbags, and gift cards to some of my favorite stores.

When he got transferred out-of-state, we were both reluctant to let the relationship end. Thus began the digital sugaring part of my life. We’d talk for hours – whether he’d had a terrible or amazing day at work, he’d wind down at night with me. He loved that I was ambitious and pursuing a career; had interests outside of my major, and that I was really, really good at phone sex.

Our relationship was stronger because of the distance, and it made the time we could spend together that much more valuable to us. We’d build to it all day – he’d send me messages about things I should wear (or not wear), where to tease myself, how to touch myself until I was crawling up the wall, wild for him.  I was wet and waiting for his instructions. He loved that. He was sitting behind his desk, achingly hard for me. I loved that.

Digital Sugaring Exclusively

After Eric and I came to an end, I knew I wanted to stick with the digital sugaring versus in-person. I didn’t strictly limit myself; I had a few other in-person Sugar Daddies, but I always went back to the digital sugaring. Both were fun, but I honestly came harder when it was my Daddy telling me how to use my toys. It didn’t feel like limiting ourselves; it felt like we were deliberately setting up guardrails to prioritize each other. As a result, the conversations were meaningful, the time was well-spent, and the phone sex was mind-blowing.

After all of my experiences (and considering the social distancing recommendations), I find it difficult to think about going back to in-person sugaring when I know how satisfying and sexy digital sugaring can be. It’s not a compromise; it’s fun and flirty and freeing!

Looking to try out digital sugaring? Call me, for all of your college sugar baby phone sex fantasies!

*All names have been changed for privacy 😉