I LOVE some of the amazing emails you guys send me! Here is one that had me quivering. I had to take the laptop to bed, take off my knickers and get my vibrator ready when I read this! I came so hard, thank you, you know who you are! I do love a hard, rough face fuck!

★ ★ 

It’s been a long few weeks. You need to de-stress and relax. You also are craving satisfaction. The small taste you had did nothing to satisfy you, if anything, it just ignited your fires that had been long dormant. Now you are needing round 2.

He tells you what to wear. You ravage your closet, seeing what you have to fit the bill. Finally you find it- something you normally wouldn’t dream of wearing in public- a summer dress that comes to mid-thigh, showing off your legs, and that is cut low in front, showing off your boobs. You obey his request for nothing under it, and hope that since it’s late at night, no one in public will see you.

You drive over and park where you are instructed. Your heart is fluttering, as you are nervous, horny, excited, and scared all at once. Your pussy has a mind of it’s own, and is already so wet it may have left a spot on the back of your dress. You knock as told, wait for a count of 5, and open the door. The room is dark, save for a candle on the table, and you step in, closing the door behind you. You are greeted first by a friendly cat, but before you can even bend down to play with it, you are blindfolded and gagged.

Next you feel him behind you. He is groping your sensitive breasts and pushing his erection against your ass cheeks. You can feel he is only wearing boxers, and enjoy the force. His hands roam your body, and compliment you on how sexy you look. You feel his hand cup your ass and give it a playful smack.

Next thing, he shoves you forward and you fall face first into his couch. He keeps you standing and bent over, and begins to eat your sopping wet pussy. You grind back on his mouth as he licks your clit, and inserts a finger inside you. From this position he easily hits your g-spot, and you feel your orgasm building. You moan in your gag, and grind as hard as you can. He takes you right to the point and stops.

Before you can be upset, he is inside you. You feel his silky cock enter you hard and deep. You buck back to amplify each thrust, and tighten your pussy until it is fully clamped down on him. He slaps your ass and yanks back on your hair, grunting as he fucks you. Your pussy nears climax just as you feel him release inside you. The feeling of his cock spasming and filling you with cum is enough to push you over the edge. Your walls contract and pulsate as and orgasm overtakes you.

When he catches his breath, he helps you up. He puts a hand around your waist and your arm across his shoulders, and leads you to his bedroom. There he eases you into the bed, removes the ball gag, and grabs your tits. You still can’t see, but he hangs your head over the side of the bed, and feeds you his semi- soft cock, telling you to clean it off, and asking if you enjoy the taste of his cum and yours. You lick and suck him clean and hard. He then grabs your hands, holds them together and starts to fuck your face. He is using your mouth like a pussy and thrusting at his will. You do well keeping it open, as he paws your tits and body. His balls slap your forehead and he even teases your clit. Soon he tells you to get ready, shoves fully in your mouth, and cums a second time.

You swallow like a good girl, and then he puts your head back on the bed. You feel him get in bed, and he pulls you onto his chest. He kisses your sweaty forehead and tells you to relax, because as soon as he is hard again, you are going to ride like a cowgirl…

Keep them (and me!) coming!!

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