Roommate’s Boyfriend Is My Boy Toy

I love teasing my roommate’s boyfriend. He’s been flirting with me since they started dating about 6 months ago. There are subtle signs that tell me that he is into me. Whenever we are all together and my roommate’s attention is something other than the three of us I always catch him gazing at my body. Another reason I can tell that he’s into me is that every time I come around, he has a nice bulge in his pants. It’s funny because my roommate never notices anything. She’s so fucking naive.

One night after they had been out from a party my roommate came home piss drunk. Her boyfriend didn’t drink because he knew he had to drive home. I can’t believe I did what I did but, looking back I have no regrets and I’m thinking about doing it again.

Mark had just put my roommate to bed in her room. He was sitting in the living room having a beer and watching T.V. I was on my way to the shower so, the only thing I had on was a towel. So I decided to confront him then and there. I walked in front of the T.V. and dropped my towel. His face was frozen. I could tell that he thought he was dreaming. So I said, “This is what you REALLY want right?” He was speechless but, the bulge in his pants was growing.

I started playing with my nipples and told him, “I want you to take me to Shannon’s room and fuck me next to her drunken, sleeping body.”

When he tried to protest and say that he couldn’t fuck me right next to his girlfriend, I dropped to my knees, pulled out his cock, and started sucking the fuck out of it. Licking, sucking, and massaging his cock put him under my spell. His dick was literally throbbing when I finally came up for air. I stood up in front of him. Showed off my wet pussy to him. I made him rub my clit and I said, “Follow me.”

Shannon was knocked out! She didn’t even move when Mark threw me down next to her and thrust his dick deep inside of me. She didn’t even wince when I begged him to pound me harder and harder. The sound of his balls slapping against my tight ass wasn’t enough to wake her from her drunken coma. As she slept, he flipped me onto my knees and fucked me doggie style. My moans and screams filled the apartment. Mark and I were so into it we forgot Shannon was in the room.

His cock filled my pussy perfectly and when I felt his cock jerking and ready to release his load I told him to cum on Shannon’s mouth. Still, under my spell, he obeyed and sprayed her mouth and face with the load that was built up from fucking my tight pussy.

The next morning Shannon was so hung over and she had a face full of dry cum. It was HILARIOUS! She told me that she and Mark had great sex and that he came on her face but, that it was weird because she didn’t remember actually having sex with him but she remembered the sounds that “they” made. I just laughed, picked up my coffee, and, agreed that it was weird indeed.

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