This new guy I’ve been dating is very self assured, but he shocked me when one night in bed he said he liked the woman to be in control and his previous girlfriends had always been the ones taking the lead in the bedroom. We had a good sex life, I had no complaints, but he was absolutely less aggressive than any boyfriend I’d had in the past before for sure. I hadn’t been sure what to make of it, but when he confessed what he did it all made sense. He wanted a strong woman in the bedroom, fine, he’d get one!


I decided that this could really work to my advantage.

I messaged him my plan..I told him that the next weekend I would be totally in control of him and that meant that he would have to be at my beck and call  and would have to be totally naked all weekend,  and that while I took  my phone sex calls he would have to serve my pussy and allow me to suck his cock as long or as short amount of time I WANTED To !

I decided to make a stop at the love shop  and on the way I  smiled to myself as I passed the aisle with the strap ons and started to look them over and chose a not too huge one, didn’t want to intimidate the poor soul too much the first night he was going to get fucked by me. That night I wanted to show him who was in change so I said to lay back and let me do all the work. I had some silk scarves laid out and tied his wrists to the bed posts and then blindfolded him. I then sat on his face and rode his tongue until I came all over his face. He loved to lick and I loved to have it done, so no problems there.I then got off and he asked where I was going, I said nowhere and then I fitted the strap on harness on myself and then I got on the bed between his legs and pushed up his knees and I placed the bulbous head of the strap on at his asshole and he flinched as he felt it and I laughed as I pushed forward and made it slide into his asshole. He bit his lip and said he hadn’t expected that, but he’d been fucked by women before wearing them and he loved it.

I got a rhythm going and slid it back and forth as I was fucking him and I reached down and gripped his cock, which was already dripping precum and I masturbated him as I fucked him hard. I pumped his hardened shaft and jerked at that cock until he came all over his own chest and belly. I then withdrew the strap on from his ass and he told me how much he’d loved me doing this for him. It wasn’t long before he was hard again and I untied his wrists from the bed posts and I straddled him and rode his cock and ground my clit into the base of his once again hard cock and came so fucking hard and he loved it. I smothered his face in my tits and made him suck on the nipples as I milked every last drop of his cum into my cunt. Yes, I think I liked this new reversal of roles a lot.

The weekend was full of hot kinky satisfaction for both of us. He really turned out to be true submissive in the bedroom.I was able to do some hot phone sex while I rode his cock.!

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