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Even with words, I get into my Role Play Princess fun. You know how much I love to pretend and create a great storyline. Nasty talk and dress up play just for you baby. I’m your favorite little role play slut with No Limits. My taboo kink fest imagination will stop at nothing until I get what I crave. I will always reach past lines you draw in the quicksand of your conservative ideas of sexuality. I’m that nasty thing you want when you let down your guard. The deepest dirtiest desires that only you know you want is what I’m after.

My Cock Sucking skills will have you dripping from the tip of your dick. Down to my soft, warm tits, my spit will stream sown. What gets you every time is that sly smirk in the corner of my mouth that waits for the full explosion — that steaming thick creamy hot load blasting into my hungry, ready throat.

Role Play Princess games left in the hands of an amateur can make things a nightmare.

A girl who doesn’t love this time with you as I do is a waste of an orgasm. Always play with a one-upper because a dirty little thing can blow the lid off the last call you’ve had. The thing I’ve been craving most lately is playing like I was a sexy professor. You will be my nerdy intern who wants to please me so desperately.

The goal for you is that you will let me conduct new theory experiments on you. The hypothesis is that you will become my overly ambitious sex slave. Completely willing to do whatever it takes to please my perfect little pretty pussy. But As your creator, I need to leave you wanting because you keep improving. This means my Tease and Denial techniques will always keep you on your toes.

You will earn my affection like a good boy acknowledging your master.

I always have you wrapped around my pretty pink fingernail. I am teasing and waiting to see what acts you will perform next, my puppet. The way to please the one who made you what you are can be simple. Always do as your told when you are told to do it. Like when I ask you to get down on your knees, I mean now! Look up into my big sparkling green eyes and beg to lick. This pussy isn’t going to please itself now, is it?

The time to work and earn your keep is right in this moment. Stretch that serving tongue of yours and give me what I want. Make me cum so hard on your face that you can only smell me. Moan and grunt for more because you hunger for me. This reward of my taste is just the beginning to make it last and make it hot. I’m a woman with a lot of tricks down my bra because keeping you guessing is what I do best.

Motioning you to scoot back towards the center of the bed I climb up on top of you.

Moving into the middle together I bring my dress up and over my head so you can see my naked body. Grinding over and onto you getting your cock to grow and swell. Needing you in my mouth and ready to put on a show for you I slithered down you until I felt that fat cock hit my chin. That turns me on beyond reason! My Role Play Princess drool runs off my tongue and onto your beautiful cock.

Writing letters for you that come from that little soft spot deep inside of my GFE Phone Sex heart gives me a thrill. Feeling such adoration for you, and wanting to express every tingle you give me. Looking into your eyes and seeing deep into your desires fills my soul with such a longing. The overwhelming need to tease and please my man takes me over.

I love love nothing more than the taste of my man on my tongue and between my lips. Both my pussy and mouth crave you always. The need for your taste continues to grow by the second.