My boyfriend and I are fucking like crazy in the bathroom of a rest area.  As he is  just about to release, so close to that moment of pure ecstasy, the bathroom door is flung open and in walks a very large black man that looks like he has been on the road for quite some time.  We quickly try to right ourselves and straighten our clothing.  The man starts laughing and says, “Well, what do we have here?”  He walks into the bathroom shutting and locking the door behind him.  (Why didn’t we think of that?)

As he moves more into the room he keeps staring at me and down at my perky breasts, nipples standing at attention against the thin cotton fabric of my sun dress.  I move in closer to my boyfriend and tell the man that we were just leaving.  He takes me by the arm, as we try to walk past him, and tells me that we aren’t going anywhere.   Apparently, he has been on the road for a very long time and has not had a woman in just as long.  “What a pleasant surprise!” he says as he pulls me into his body.  I am trying to wiggle free from his tight grasp on my upper body but my attempt is futile.  I am about to be raped by this huge man and I don’t think there is anything we can do about it.

My boyfriend tries to tell him that we don’t want any trouble and if he just lets us go, we won’t say anything to anyone.  He has other plans though.  He tells us that he is going to be finishing where we left off.  If we have a problem with that, then just try to stop him.  If we cooperate he will let us go and no one will be harmed….except my pussy.    When my boyfriend tries to protest the man reaches out with one hand and pushes him back into a stall.  He tells him that he is going to just have to sit there and enjoy the show or next time he won’t be able to see anything at all.

He forcefully leans me over the sink just as I was earlier.  This time I turn my head to see what he is doing.  With one hand holding my hands behind my back he uses his other to undo his pants and pull out the biggest dick I have EVER seen!  I look back to my boyfriend and he mouths to me “I’m sorry”.  I don’t know what to do as this man gets ready to tear me in half with his huge black dick.  I start to cry as he positions his cock at my entrance……Check back to see what happens or give me a call to listen to my sexy voice telling you what is next.



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