My boyfriend and I decided to go visit his parents during a three day weekend from school.  They lived about 4 hours away so it’s not too bad of a drive.  We left later than we were planning after class so it was already dark by the time we left campus.  About two hours into the drive I could tell he was getting tired but he refused to let me take over.  I knew I had to do something to wake him up so I reached over and started rubbing his dick through his pants.  His eyes grew wider as he looked over at me and smiled.  I undid his button and slid down the zipper of his jeans.  Reaching into his boxers, I pulled out his soft but growing cock and started stroking it.

His hands started tightening around the wheel as I stroked him up and down getting him good and hard.  Once he was fully erect, I undid my seatbelt and leaned over teasing the head of his cock with my tongue.  Reaching one hand into his pants, I grab his balls and start rolling them around while the other has hold of his hard shaft, tonguing the tip as I stroke it.  Sucking his dick has always turned me on.  The more I do it the wetter I become and the exhibitionist in me LOVES giving road head.  Finally, I can’t take it anymore.  I tell him that I want him SO bad and we need to find somewhere to fuck.

We see a sign for a rest area coming up ahead.  Taking the next exit, we curve around toward the back where the bathrooms are.  There are no other cars there, just a few semis that have parked for the night near the exit.  Both of us rush out of the car practically running to the bathrooms.  He pushes me into the men’s room and shuts the door.  Pulling up my dress and yanking my panties to the side he fumbles with getting his cock out as he leans me face first into the sink.

His dick is finally free and he slides it up and down my wet crack coating his hard member with my warm juices.  Positioning his cock at my slick opening he slams hard into my pussy making me scream out as I am suddenly filled, stretching my skin so tightly around him.  He is pounding into me harder and harder as I am pushing my ass back to meet him thrust for thrust.  I start cumming, squirting my hot cum all over him like a faucet.  It is running down my legs and all over his pants, making a mess all over the floor.

Just as he is about to let loose all of that hot, milky cum inside of me, the door is flung open and there stands a huge man.  He is about 6’6” and pretty muscular.  It looks like he is in need of a shower and shave and has probably been on the road for days.  As he walks into the bathroom he starts laughing and says…”Well, what do we have here?”…..Check back to see what happens or give me a call to listen to my sexy voice telling you what is next.



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