Just as he placed the tip of his cock to my entrance my boyfriend asked him, “Why are you doing this?”  The man replied, “I have been on the road for too long with no pussy.  You little shits just presented me with what I have been denied for way too long!”  He then started laughing so hard and said, “Besides, from the looks of your little ass dick, this pretty little thing here hasn’t ever known what a real man is!  Now, shut your fucking mouth and watch how it’s really done.”

With that, he started pushing that monster cock inside my young tight pussy.  I was about to be raped by this man.  He was right though; I had no clue what a real man could do.  My boyfriend was my first and I had never cheated on him.  He was the only cock I had ever known.

The stranger thrust forward, pushing his huge dick farther inside of me.  I stood on my toes trying to move enough to stop the pain.  I started crying harder as moans of pleasure escaped his wide open mouth.  He told me “There is no sense trying to get away.  You might as well just relax and enjoy what’s coming or this will hurt even more.”  I took his advice.  Even though I was still crying, I lay myself over the counter and tried so hard to relax.  As he started pumping his large member in and out of me, I realized it was getting easier to take.  I don’t know when it happened, but my pained cries turned into moans of pleasure.  Before I knew it, I was even pushing myself back on him trying to get more!  He stretched my pussy to the max and I couldn’t get enough of him!  I couldn’t believe I was enjoying being fucked by this strange man.

I hear him say to my boyfriend, “Listen to those noises coming from your little slut girlfriend.  You have probably never heard them coming out of her mouth before have you?”  He was right!  As he started pounding harder into my wet pussy I came all over his big black cock!  He pulled out of me, turned me around and shoved me to my knees.  I looked at the huge cock getting stroked right in front of my face.  I was so hungry for it!  Just before his cum started shooting all over me, I made eye contact with my boyfriend.  He watched as this stranger came right on my face.  Stream after stream of his gooey cum coating me!  All I could think was…He was SO right, I didn’t know what a real man was.  Now that I did know, I don’t think I will be happy with my boyfriend’s little cock again.  Give me a call and lets have some of the best cuckold phone sex you have ever had!!




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