Risque Rape while walking the Boys

Got home really late one night and my boys were bitching for a walk. So I grabbed their leashes, hooked them up and we set out in the darkness of the night. We walked for a few blocks before entering the dark, tree lined woodsy trail we always take.

We entered the woods as I bent down to unleash my boys to do their business. Running off into the darkness I suddenly felt hands on my body. A deep voice told me to not fight back while my arms were restrained. I tried to squirm away but I couldn’t resist his strength. Trying to kick and scream those cold hands covered my mouth as the other hand slid up my shorts from behind. Next, those hands slid under my T-shirt and groped my firm, fat, round tits through my lacy, black bra.

 I tried with all my might to ignore it, but my body began to betray me and the juices began to flow.

I went stiff with shock, unable to protest as I felt my bra being undone and stripped from my now horny body. When my nipples began growing harder by the second and my pretty, puffy, pink pussy was dripping, I began to wonder. How could rape feel so good?

My thoughts were cluttered as a strong hand began choking me in the most appealing way. As I choked, I grew wetter just as a stiff cock slid inside me. I tired to turn around to see my attacker, but was forced to bend over and grab my ankles. Without saying a word, he entered my soaking wet pussy and stroked me until I couldn’t take it anymore. Falling forward, he pinned me down in the dirt as he pulled my hair and thrust deeper and deeper. Before I knew it, we came in unison. Catching my breathe I turned to catch a glimpse of my new lover. But he was gone……did I imagine it all?

Taboo Phone Sex!