My lover and I decided to switch things up last weekend just for the hell of it. I’d been watching some fem domme porn and laughing a bit as I saw how the poor chump in the video was taking it up the ass with a strap on and even being made to suck cock. My boyfriend walked in and said that looked interesting, but he’d never tried that before, and would I really be interested in giving it to him up the ass? I said, yes, I could do that.


I even continued and said why not make this really interesting and fun and switch roles all weekend. Would he be interested in a weekend long roleplay? Could you keep it up that long? We agreed we’d try it. He was going to stay in all weekend, wearing my lingerie and do all the cooking, cleaning and he’d be totally submissive in the bedroom. I was looking forward and to having my pussy licked a lot!

I wore jeans and my cowboy boots and button down shirt when I went out and he was wearing a pink babydoll. He made a great dinner for us, and I was certainly beginning to enjoy him waiting on me. I think maybe this needs to switch from just roleplay to reality a bit more often! We watched some porn after dinner as he gave me a nice, long foot rub and it was heaven. Things then moved into the bedroom and I had him get on his back and I straddled his face and had him lick my cunt so much I came three times, he was always good at that, but after I’d been satisfied, it was his turn.

I told him to stay on his back and I went and got a harness and strap on and got into it and came on the bed and pushed his legs back and I dripped some lube onto the tip of it and up and down the length and slid it slowly into him. I hadn’t meant to overwhelm him, so I only bought a smallish five inch one and pushed it all the way in. I braced myself on his pushed back legs and started to fuck him and he began to stroke his cock and drip pre cum on his stomach as I fucked him and I picked up the pace and he was gripping it hard and really jerking it and I pounded him hard and he soon squirted all over his stomach and said he really enjoyed it.

Trying this switch roleplay was fun, not something I’d want fulltime or him either, but for a break it was indeed a lot of fun and I will want to try it again. Having his tongue on demand is always a very good thing. I think I will even buy him a couple of pair of silk boxers since he certainly didn’t seem to mind wearing my lingerie, I think he really enjoyed the feeling of the fabric against his cock, that silky sensation is indeed very sexy!

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