I don’t have any true revenge sex stories, so please take this fantasy with a grain of salt. 

This selection from my revenge sex stories is a fantasy of how I’d like to get even with my ex-husband. It’s a fantasy, but that’s the fun in these fantasies, right? Besides, if I really wanted to blackmail him, I’d do so as I wrote about in my blackmail sex stories. I must give credit where credit is due; this fantasy was inspired by M; I haven’t talked to him in a long while, but his fantasies are still in my head. 🙂

So my ex and I are breaking up, due to his repeated infidelity. I can’t seem to get across to him how mad I am at him for cheating with some skank, but he doesn’t have a problem with it. He left for work this morning with a smug grin and a shrug, telling me to “deal with it”. I won’t be back when he comes home. Little does he know, I have a new apartment, and I’ve moved out all my stuff. I’ve even given our landlord the rest of my rent money, so there’s no reason for my ex to contact me again for any reason. Still, I’m not quite satisfied.

My next door neighbor Mark and I have a plan. My ex and Mark often talk about their conquests, and Mark has sent my ex a text I hope will make Mark tremble.

The Cunning Plan

As I sat on Mark’s sofa, he let me see his phone. I showed him mine and sent a text to my ex.

Me to ex: I’m not going to be home tonight. We’ll talk tomorrow. 

Ex to me: Dramatic. Alright, if you wanna leave me in the house alone… 

And add assorted emojis.

Mark and I wait thirty minutes, chilling in his next-door apartment before he sends his text. Hey man, getting a real slut tonight. Wanna listen?

After a few minutes, my ex texts back. That hot chick you’ve been making out with and fucking this week?

Mark shows me the screen on the phone, and I lean up to kiss him. Exactly.

You got that mirror set up? So I can see into your room from the balcony?

Mark smirks and replies. Yeah. By all means, dude. Maybe we could even get a threesome. 

My ex sends another emoji, this one a thumbs up.

Springing the Trap

I’ve been teasing Mark’s cock for a while now, licking the head with my tongue, sliding my tongue up and down the slit. Mark groans appreciatively and squeezes my tits. Starting early means neither of us is startled when my apartment door slams.

“Why don’t you get up here,” Mark says loudly, “And sit on my cock?”

I can hear the balcony slide open.

I crawl over on Mark, making sure there’s a good reflection of my pussy in the mirror, one my ex can see. Carefully, I keep my head down, making sure he can’t quite make me out yet. Next, I sit on Mark’s cock, moaning loudly. It’s not even for show. His cock is so much bigger than my ex’s.

My moans and praises for Mark’s cock get louder until my hips slamming down on him make me shout. Finally, as I see my ex stroking his cock through the mirror, body beginning to shake, I throw my head back, revealing who I am. My ex freezes while Mark grabs my hips and slams me down on his cock, cumming deep inside of my pussy. I moan and then lean up and kiss him.

Clearly, my ex didn’t even bother reading the note I left for him on the kitchen table. Thus ends my fantasy, to be returned to my collection of revenge sex stories.


Why not call me and we can have some fantasy phone sex of our own?

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