Boyfriend Punishment -The Revenge Cuckold Experience

Last week my boyfriend and I decided to fight. Then I decided that a little revenge cuckold experience was in order! What do couples always fight about?  Fucking money! Every single time it was about his cash flow.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a strong independent woman who does not need a man to survive.  I can take care of myself! In fact I always spend my own money.  I never ask him for extra! I bought my own car.  Pay for my own gym membership. Well anyways, you get my point.  I was so mad I made him leave. It’s not like if he stuck around and we had make- up sex I would enjoy is his little baby cock!

About an hour or so after Dan left, his friend Kyle came over.  Now, Kyle is a fine piece of dark chocolate meat!  I have always fantasized about him.  Playing with my wet pussy thinking about his big beautiful black cock.  I told him about the fight between me and Dan.  He was a good listener. I was wearing a tight little mini skirt with no panties on.  I purposely dropped ice on the floor when I made myself a drink, and when I bent over, all you could see was my nice shiny wet pussy! Then I poured him a glass of wine and sat down next to him.  I was so furious with Dan that caring about hurting his little feelings went right to the bottom of the list!

I looked at Kyle and flat out asked if he wanted to fuck.  He gave me some nonsense about Dan being his friend, and bros before hoes.  So I started to rub his cock while he was talking.  I told him your mouth is still running but your cock is getting bigger with every stroke I give it! Finally he shut the fuck up and let me have what I wanted.  I shoved that big black cock in my mouth.  Stroking it with my tongue.  Deep throating the fuck out of it!  I looked up for a quick second and saw Dan, standing in the door way.

The look of devastation on his face made my pussy throb even more!  I giggled asked him if he liked the size of Kyle’s big dick as I let my tongue slither its way up to the tip.  He didn’t say anything.  However, he didn’t try to stop us either.

I called him over.  I made him whip out his little baby dick.  Kyle and I laughed, and Dan’s dick was throbbing hard.  However, it was not even half the size of Kyle’s.  I got up and made Dan get on his knees.  Then I told him I wanted him to know what a REAL cock felt like.  I forced his mouth down on Kyle’s dick, making him gag on it while I teased and taunted him.  I sat on Kyle’s face and let him lick the fuck out of my tight pussy! My sweet juices dripping all over his face.  Dan was starting to enjoy sucking Kyle off.  I was furious with him! I couldn’t let him have a good time! What the fuck?  I made him stand up so I could stick the giant cock deep in my tight little and cuckold him!

Kyle made a comment about how tight my pussy was.  I asked him what he expected?  I was fucking that little thing of Dan’s for the past year. Of course my pussy was going to be tight!  I hopped on reverse cowgirl style and went to town on that cock.  Dan was obviously jealous.  So, of course I wanted him to taste how juicy Kyle was making my pussy.  You could my cum just splattering everywhere.  Dan had to be my little clean up bitch and lick me clean from all those intense orgasms.  Kyle then yelled out he was going to cum. I jumped off and forced Dan’s mouth down on Kyle’s huge black cock.  Kyle shot a MASSIVE load all over Dan’s face down his throat, in his hair.  It was fucking amazing!

I looked at Dan and his pathetic face and asked how he liked being my cuckold. His response…..
“Everyone got to cum but me!”  So I told him next time you piss me off you will FOREVER be my little cuckold slut!

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