I think anal sex is extremely hot!

A lot of girls might not enjoy anal sex but I do! In my opinion, religious blasphemy makes anal sex a million times hotter. There are so many naughty things that go up a tight young ass like mine. A priest was actually the first person to introduce me to the amazingly hot world of religious blasphemy. I was learning to be a proper little catholic girl and he was nice enough to offer to tutor me. My parents trusted him so they didn’t have any problems at all with letting me spend hours with him all alone.

One day, after we finished our lessons he asked me if I wanted to learn a very useful thing that could be done with rosary beads and even a crucifix. Well, I was pretty naive and thought he just meant other ways to worship god. I didn’t realize what was going on until he had me bend over and lift my skirt.

He pulled my white cotton pants down and started pushing that rosary in my tight little asshole.

It was really uncomfortable cause I’d never had anything in there before, not even a finger. Even though I tried to make him stop, he told me that it was important to be an obedient little girl. As a priest, he was a man of god and he was only following gods will. I had to agree and do what he wanted so I relaxed. Once I did, I realized that it actually felt pretty good.

It turns out I have an anal fetish that I didn’t even know about! I had no idea that so many priests were sex offenders until I met him. Once I got good at taking the rosary beads in my ass, he moved up to the crucifix. It was so hot watching him take that wooden cross down off the wall. It was time for me to learn to take something bigger. Now I love to shove things up my tight little ass, especially if they’re religious. It makes me cum so hard!

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