Are you craving a steamy hypnosis fetish session?

If you’re craving a naughty hypnosis fetish session I have just the twist for you. Sure I can and have done tons of hypnosis sessions in the traditional way and I can definitely do that for you. If you want to try something a little different and a little kinkier, I’ve got just the thing. Sit back in that armchair and relax as I slowly walk toward you. Your eyes are sliding up and down my tight teen body in my skin-tight mini dress and stilettos. You can’t decide where to focus those eyes until I slowly turn in front of you, just inches from you.

My beautiful round ass is right in your face and suddenly everything else just begins to fade away. You’re starting to realize just how hot this particular hypnosis fetish session is going to be. You have a major ass fetish, don’t you? Mine is so round and tight, that you can’t decide if you want to bite it, squeeze it or spank it. Your eyes are starting to glaze over as thoughts of steamy hot anal sex flash through your mind. That’s exactly what I want, your eyes glued to me as my perfect round ass sways back and forth before you.

You feel your mind opening up and becoming very susceptible to suggestions.

Now I’ve got you just where I want you as I command you to relax every muscle in your body as you open your mind. I speak directly to your subconscious and implant suggestions while you are under my control. It is such an exhilarating feeling having so much control over you, using your intense attraction to my ass to get what I want most from you. The best part of all is that you never even saw it coming….

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