The sex offenders next door like religious blasphemy as much as I do.

I knew there were sex offenders living next door to me but I didn’t know just how freaky they were! They were constantly checking me out and drooling every time they saw me walk past in my schoolgirl uniform. The whole neighborhood had been told when they moved in what they were. That didn’t bother me any though, I think older guys are super hot! Age is just a number after all. Just because I’m young that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to have fun too!

Since they liked little girls, I thought they might be up for some even naughtier fun. Sure, it was risky knocking on the sex offenders door, but then again I’ve never been the girl that follows rules. The two guys looked so shocked when they saw me standing there asking if I could come in. I guess they were so used to using forced sex to get off, that they didn’t know what to do. I did see them look around really nervously like they thought it was a trap or something. Once they shut the door I asked them what they thought about religious blasphemy. Even though I go to a catholic school, I showed them what a dirty girl I can be. I took my rosary off from around my neck and showed them how they make the best anal beads ever!

Those two dirty sex offenders looked like they were going to cream right on the spot. It was the hottest thing ever to see what I did to their dicks. As I praised satan I took one cock in my mouth and one deep in my tight teen pussy and then they switched spots! I got pumped full of so much cum that it was amazing. Hearing such filthy words come out of my pretty little pouty mouth drove them wild!

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