A sensual domination GFE might just be what the mental health doctor ordered.

In summary, a lot of us could use a sensual domination GFE. Look, the world is crazy. Let’s take a moment to relax with me, and let me take care of you.
You come in my room with a tired sag to your shoulders. But, there’s no need to worry. I’m on the sofa, a pillow on my lap. “Take your clothes off, love,” I tell you.
Ordinarily, I make you work for it. Tonight, however, I know how stressed you are. There’s a low thrum of anxiety in you, pushing back and forth. Therefore, it’s my job as your mistress to let you relieve that. In short, in my arms, I’m going to make you forget.
Once your pants and shirt are removed, come lay here on my lap. As you place your head down, close your eyes. My fingers will run themselves through your hair, gently petting you. Soon, that becomes a full-blown massage, with my fingernails digging lightly into your scalp. My grip remains firm as I make my way to massaging all of your head.
A sensual domination GFE isn’t always about sex, of course. It’s about getting you to relax. And so my hands go over your head again, from forehead to the back of your scalp, making sure everything underneath my fingertips is relaxed. Your hair slides in between my fingers as I comb through it.
“Let’s get you to the bath,” I hum. Ordinarily, we shower. But tonight, I want to pamper you.

Let’s Take a Bath

Part of being a sensual domination girlfriend is taking care of your needs. So don’t think. Instead, follow me to the bath. I’ve already drawn it up, and it’s warm for you. Take off your undies and slip inside. It’s okay to let yourself be pampered, remember. As soon as you go in, I press a cool compress to your eyes. Let the cold sink into your skin, babe. In addition, I’m going to put a face mask on your face, to let that lotion help pamper you.
Next, I want you to breathe in and out. Tell me what you’re feeling. There’s heat radiating into your limbs. The water rocks back and forth as you shift. And the face mask and cooling pad sink a calming cold into your face, don’t they? That’s how I want to get rid of those worry lines. Right now, babe, you don’t need to think. Just take in the sounds and sensations around you in the bath.
And, as I lay your head on a bathtub pillow, I want you to trust me. It’s part of the sensual domination GFE, after all.
I have a little bucket with water I’m going to pour over your head. In addition to the bucket, I’ve placed out your favorite shampoo and conditioner. So relax, babe, and let me wash your hair. Before, I prepped you with a scalp massage. Now, that message becomes shampooing as I move my hands up and down, up and down, generating suds. And then, the bucket helps me clear those suds off your hair.

Wrap-Up and Relax

Once we’re done in the bath, I wrap you in a fluffy white towel. I dry off your hair, I run the towel over you, and I put you in a robe. Next, I move you to the bed. No thinking, remember? You just need to focus on the now.
In our bedroom are several nature sounds, coming from our speakers. On a screen I’ve set up is a projected image of a fire, crackling away.
All I want right now is for you to lay here in my arms as we enjoy the scene of the fire together. Breathe in and out. Just focus on sights and sounds in my arms.
See, I’m so proud of you. You’re doing so well for me. I know this isn’t easy, and yet you do everything I ask.
If you need to, go ahead and fall asleep on my shoulder. It doesn’t matter if you sleep. Here, in my arms, laying on my shoulder, you are safe and cared for and warm.
And, most importantly, you are loved.
Tell me, what sensations did you have during this sensual domination GFE? I’d love to hear them. Call me and let’s have a good phone sex time together!
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