Sometimes, after a long day at work, you just want to come home to your sensual domination girlfriend. 

Your sensual domination girlfriend will take charge, and let you relax. 

It doesn’t take long before you get home. The day was long, work was a little more intense than usual. You don’t want to think about it. Instead, you place your jacket upon its designated hook and call out to announce you’re home. 

I respond, letting you know I’m in the bedroom. And if that doesn’t start to whet your curiosity, nothing does. Low arousal begins to simmer at the base of your gut. I’m often in the bedroom, but there’s something in the tone of my voice that suggests teasing. It suggests you and I are going to have a fun time. 

“Get in here.” 

The command leaves no room for questions. The simmering arousal is now a full-blown tension, your mind filled with ideas of what’s to come. There’s a high chance I’ll be dressed in lingerie. The only question for you is which outfit you’ll see me in. Is it the red number? Or the purple corset I bought myself last week? 

It doesn’t matter. More importantly, there’s another, unsaid command that you follow. You slip your shirt off and leave it on the floor. Your shoes are discarded behind you, socks next. Then, your pants slip off your hips. Next, you come into the bedroom with your undies on. The sight before you is exquisite: I’m laying back on the pillows, totally naked. 

I raise an eyebrow at you, and you quickly take off any lingering fabric. It’s worth it, you think, as I grin. The fire in your belly begins to roar, and your cock twitches as it gets half-hard. The message is clear: you don’t have to think tonight, just give in to your sensual domination girlfriend. 

On the Bed

Though you climb on the bed, knees apart, I move you onto the pillows. It’s a wrestling move more than gentle guidance. And you acquiesce. I lean you up on the pillows before giving you a deep kiss, my mouth guiding yours open. Our tongues dance while your hands move to my back, soft skin giving way to your fingertips. My mouth is hot and open, and my tongue dives into your mouth.

From how I’m kissing you, you think I might have been sucking huge dildos earlier for practice. But there’s no numbness in my kisses, and my mouth is as fierce as ever. From how I kiss, you think I’m addicted to kissing you. Or, you think, as you recall all the times I’ve used my mouth, I’m just addicted to you.

Then, I pull off of your mouth and place one of my breasts right in your face. You open wide to take it in. I’m soft in all the right places, and you love hearing me gasp as you wiggle your tongue back and forth on my sensitive nub. You’ve always liked teasing and playing with my breasts. 

My hand explores down your chest, my nails beginning to dig into your skin. It scratches, but not in a way that hurts. Your hips jut up, a silent plea for me to pay attention to your cock, which is now half-hard. And, I’m not cruel. I pull my breasts away from you, and leave a kiss against your mouth, and kiss my way down your chest. I leave little marks in my wake, teeth worrying the skin. After all, a sensual domination girlfriend likes to make sure you’re dominated and, for me, that means owned.

Being Owned

Somehow, my mouth is warmer on your cock than on your mouth. I breathe over the head of your cock, my eyeballs rolling up to make sure I have your attention. Soon, heat engulfs your cock, a warm tongue tracing the underside. The suction is incredible. I must have been practicing, getting ready and hungry for you. My throat swallows your cock down, with more pressure, and more heat. 

It takes a moment, but the suction vanishes. My mouth has popped off the head of your cock, and I give a long lick, from base to tip, as an apology. But rather than let you say anything, my hand pushes your chest down. I smile, catching your eyes, and shift myself upwards. My breasts bounce as I adjust myself over your hips, and I lean back to let you see the slick that’s formed. Between my legs, I’m absolutely dripping. 

Our eyes stay in contact as I reach down between my legs and slick my hands up. You remain still underneath me, watching as I use my own lubricant as yours, my hands fisting around your cock. Your hips jerk involuntarily, but that doesn’t matter much, does it? Because my pussy is right there, over your cock, and I sink down as you press up… 

And you know your sensual domination girlfriend will take care of you all night tonight.

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