Real sissy girl – Let’s get this out of the way, right upfront. I know why you’re reading this blog story!

Real sissy girl stories like this one really get under your skin, don’t they? If you missed what happened at the start of this Christmas BBC fantasy, click the bold text! Want more juicy, sissy goodness? Caress this link for Part 2 of your Christmas bimbo transformation experience!

However, these stories aren’t about the holiday itself. Instead, it’s more about what happened when my brother Wyatt’s discovered that he has sissy transformation dreams. Moreover, let’s not forget how he’s learning about his craving for BBC!

Real Sissy Girl: Anyway, here’s the rest of Wyatt’s story, in his (her?) own words!

The mirror revealed a smoking hot, barely legal girl dressed in a sexy elf outfit. More shockingly, I watched myself being pleasured by a much older man. Predictably, I was bewildered. Despite being turned on by the sight, I was alarmed by this large alpha male using my body!

First, the big black man ran his hands up my ass before swiftly jerking down my panties. After that, he roughly cupped my balls in his large, warm hand. Shocked by the man’s touch, I tried to jump back, nearly tripping because of the panties around my ankles.

“Don’t worry, babygirl,” Kareem chuckled as he looked down at me. “There’s plenty of other ways to give pleasure.”

As he approached me from behind, I tried to escape. However, he quickly grabbed me around the waist, easily lifting me. After a brief struggle, he gathered both of my wrists in one hand and bound them in front of me with a leftover tinsel garland. “Hmm,” Kareem grunted to himself. “Festive.”

Hauling me back in front of the mirror, he pulled down a cable and hook from the ceiling. After he tapped a button, my arms were stretched above my head, leaving me balanced precariously on the stiletto pumps. Then he pulled away, leaving me standing in front of the mirror.

Alone for the moment, I frantically looked around the empty store as I tried to get my bearings. Fuck, I’m really in trouble now. As I tried to keep my balance, my thighs rubbed together. The silky, striped stockings felt amazing. Each time I moved, the bells adorning the tops jingled merrily, drawing my attention back to my reflection.

Indeed, I couldn’t stop staring at the sexy girl in the mirror. As I marveled at my beautiful, dark green heels, I felt my nipples grow erect inside the gorgeous bra. Carefully, I managed to turn a little so I could examine my bare, exposed ass, down to the lacy froth around my ankles. Equally mesmerizing were my nylon-encased legs, looking so sleek and long.

Damn, I looked TOO hot. I looked like a REAL sissy girl now. This was dangerous!

I was super aroused by my girly reflection. As a man, I’d always struggled to look attractive. Ironically, as a girl, now I was a 10! I pouted my lips as I stared at the mirror, trying out a sultry look. Aside from my erect little cock poking up from between my closed thighs, nobody would have guessed I was a guy!

Hearing heavy footsteps, I trembled as Kareem approached with a bottle of lube in his hand. His shirt was open now, revealing a muscled, broad chest. Suddenly, I realized he was no longer wearing pants. Furthermore, I couldn’t help noticing that the bulge in his boxer briefs was frighteningly large. My eyes widened and I wobbled as I tried to back away, unsteady on the heels.

Kareem simply laughed at me and proceeded to snap more photos. Then, he grasped my stiff little cocklet in his left hand. At the same time, he slid his right hand down my back before gently probing my vulnerable ass with a thick finger. I gasped while my sphincter instinctively clenched around that invading digit.

“Kareem, please stop…Sir!” I whimpered, already lost in this real sissy girl fantasy.

Although I desperately tugged at the tinsel binding me, I couldn’t escape. First, he pushed his lubed finger deeper into my ass, slowly fingerfucking me. At the same time, he gently jerked off my little clitty using just his fingertips. Within minutes, I found myself panting and moaning. Omg, when had I started thinking about my cock as a clit?

In addition, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at the flushed, aroused girl in the mirror as she bit her glossy lower lip while the imposing black man fingered her.

Although I continued to protest, I felt the resistance draining from my body. I moaned as he slipped in another finger, curling them deep inside my asshole. I squealed weakly, my stiletto heels clattering feebly against the floor while he quickened the pace.

“Kareem, please stop. Please! Omg, I’m gonna cum!” I panted.

“That’s it baby girl, cum for Daddy. NOW,” he growled commandingly.

“Daddy? What do you mean? Oh fuck, no. Stop it! I’m cumming!” I groaned helplessly.

As he curled his fingers in my tight little fuckhole, I shot my load right into his hand while milked my prostate. As a result, I experienced the most intense orgasm of my entire life. I saw stars as my jizz spurted into his fist in 4 or 5 bursts.

Raising his cum-covered hand to my face, he ordered “Good girls swallow. Lick it up, sissy slut.”

Still in the haze of my orgasm, I slurped up my own creamy semen while he fed it to me. Then I swallowed, obediently opening my mouth to show him I had devoured the entire load like I’d seen pornstars do. “Thank you, Sir,” I whispered.

He smiled approvingly, gently patting my ass like the good girl I was. As I began to come to my senses, I was flooded with shame. After he cut me loose, I collapsed onto the cold, tiled floor. Although cum still dribbled from my spent clitty, I hurriedly slipped the panties back on.

Thinking the ordeal was over, I attempted to wobble to my feet when he pushed me back down. As he loomed tall over me, he freed himself from his briefs. Springing out half-erect, his huge black dick seemed to grow larger every second. Not waiting for his cock to get fully hard, he shoved the swelling purple crown between my parted, lipstick-smeared lips.

Kareem grinned at this real sissy girl as he grunted, “It’s time to repay the favor, sweet cheeks.”

As I opened my mouth to protest, he immediately pushed his thick black cock inside, aiming for the back of my throat. Although I coughed and moaned in protest, he proceeded to thrust in and out. My back against the wall and my legs bent beneath me, I struggled while he tested my gag reflex, filling my nose with his dark, spicy scent.

Using my ponytails like the fuck handles they’d become, he mercilessly pumped his rigid meat in and out of my increasingly sloppy mouth. While he skull-fucked me, tears ran down my cheeks as I whimpered and slurped.

He groaned in pleasure as he pounded in and out of my sissy throat, his heavy, cum-filled balls slapping against my chin. I choked and gagged as I tried to accommodate his enormous fuckstick.

Truly, I was being completely dominated and helplessly used like a real sissy girl!

As his thrusting grew more desperate and intense, I choked, on the verge of passing out. Finally, he plunged his cock as deeply as it could go. Meanwhile, long, hot pulses of cum shot straight down my throat and into my tummy. Abruptly he pulled out, spraying the rest of his sticky white seed all over my face and marking me as his property. Looking up at him, I realized he was taking more photos!

“Clean me up now, girl. Don’t miss a single drop.”

I frowned, nervously shaking my head. Grinning, he simply turned the phone toward me so I could see his handiwork. Staring at myself in disbelief, I beheld a slender, slutty young female kneeling there with blushing cheeks and smeared makeup. In addition, my face was covered in globs of creamy jizz. Although I looked feminine AF, it was undeniably, recognizably ME.

I reluctantly obeyed as my heart pounded, lapping up every droplet of creamy cum from his cock and balls. Finally, he scraped his cumload off my face, pushing it into my mouth. Without delay, I sucked his fingers clean.

“Don’t waste any next time,” my big black Daddy threatened. “Sorry Sir,” I said as I hurriedly gulped it down.

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