Christmas Bimbo Transformation is just what you’ve always wanted. This holiday season, you’ll be doing it RIGHT.

Christmas bimbo transformation stories aren’t something you often read about, but I’ll bet you’ve dreamed of this for a long time. If you missed Part 1 of this Christmas BBC fantasy, just click on the bold text!

When we ended last time in our Christmas bimbo transformation tale, my little brother was about to receive his very first spanking over the lap of BBC the security guard, Kareem.

I’ll let my brother Wyatt take it from here:

My ass stung from that first punishing swat! Of course, I tried to escape while I wriggled and complained. By the fifth spank, I moaned and struggled, tears in my eyes. He was so strong and I couldn’t get away. Nevertheless, Kareem kept going. Truly, each smack was harder than the last!

Finally, he stopped, strong brown hand resting on my flaming ass cheeks. Suddenly, I realized his fingers were dangerously close to my puckered, vulnerable asshole. Fortunately, his hand left my ass as he stood me up in front of him.

“So, gonna give me any more lip, or have you had enough now?” he demanded sternly.

“I’m sorry, Sir! Please let me go?!” I squeaked, still quivering.

Not bothering to answer my silly question, the imposing black man simply motioned for me to get on with it already.

Trembling a little, I obediently stripped. Naked before him, I felt extremely exposed and vulnerable!

Under Kareem’s stern eye, I put the garter belt on first. Next, I slid the silky red and white striped stockings up my legs, clipping each to the belt. The thigh-high socks featured small red bows on the front and a little silver bell on the back of each thigh. Last but not least, I put on the red lace panties and matching bra.

Hesitantly turning to face a smirking Kareem, I averted my eyes from the sight of the massive, growing cock that strained underneath his uniform pants. Damn, he was getting off on this!

Before I could examine that disturbing thought, my BBC captor laughed. “And here’s the cherry on top of this perfect sissy slut sundae!”

My heart pounding, I took each garment as he handed them to me: a pair of green suede stilettos, emerald velvet gloves with white fur trim, and a matching, cute little Christmas elf hat.

After I awkwardly slid my stocking-clad feet into the 5-inch platform, peep-toed pumps, Kareem bent down to attach a tiny silver padlock to each ankle strap. Looking down at my pretty feet, I realized those stilettos weren’t coming off until my captor unlocked them!

Straightening up, my black master grinned lecherously at me. “You make a much better girl than you ever did a boy. Wanna see?”

Easily picking me up like a doll, he carried me into the darkened main store. Then, he gently put me down again in front of a full-length mirror.

“W-wait!” I stammered. “What if someone sees me?”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “The store’s been empty for hours.”

Expecting to see gawky, college boy crudely dressed in drag, I was startled by the image of a slim girl dressed seductively in expensive lingerie. My tousled blonde hair framed an androgynous face, with plump lips and a slightly turned up pixie nose. Believe it or not, these weren’t features I’d ever noticed on myself before!

Straightening up, I couldn’t help turning around to check out my enticing, lingerie-clad butt.

A red thong slid upward between my pert, full ass cheeks. Wow, I looked…good! All that cycling to campus must have super shaped my hips and legs. Staring at myself in the mirror with wide eyes, I realized I looked like…oh, fuck! You guessed it, Kareem had dressed me to look like the blonde girl in the lingerie catalog! As I ran my hands over my body, I felt myself getting -very- turned on.

Unsurprisingly, the slight bulge stretching the front of my panties began to grow. Groaning inwardly for fear that he might notice, I prayed Kareem wasn’t looking!

Distracted by a flash, I spun around to see Kareem snapping photos of me on his phone. Staring at him, I sputtered “Wtf?!” as I uselessly tried to cover myself.

“Just more leverage, in case you decide not to cooperate,” he stated matter-in-factly as he leered at me. “So, you like how you look, hmmm?”

Still frowning, I faced my feminine reflection. At a loss for words, all I could do was nod while staring at him uncertainly. Reaching over to a nearby store display, Kareem quickly chose glossy lipstick, black mascara, sultry eye shadow, along with a pink, creamy blusher.

With surprising skill and dexterity, he swiftly applied the makeup to my face. After that, he moved behind me, binding my shoulder-length hair into schoolgirl pigtails, securing each with a red satin ribbon.

Fascinated, I watched my sexy Christmas bimbo transformation take place at the hands of this black alpha male.

“Many guys come in here with their girlfriends or wives to help them pick out things they think look sexy on their girl. However, some of those guys are just like you.” Kareem said confidently.

“Uh, what do you mean?” I asked, suspecting I knew what he meant, but not willing to admit it.

“Some of them would rather be shopping for themselves,” he continued. “They want to be the girl. Like you.”

Gasping, I quickly told him “That’s not me, um, Sir. I’m NOT gay, I swear!”

“Gay or straight doesn’t have a damned thing to do with it, Wyatt.” Kareem grinned, dark chocolate eyes glinting with amusement. “Seriously, look at you. I made you wear those clothes. Before that, I caught you rubbing your tiny clit to the photo of the girl in the lingerie catalog.”

Christmas Bimbo Transformation: “Admit it, you want to be that girl. Even more, you want men to fuck you like one.”

Although I was incredulous, I couldn’t deny it. Somehow, I managed to sputter “Guys? What?! My…clit?”

My heart pounding, I watched him in the mirror as he approached me from behind. I was practically naked, just a vulnerable girl in front of this dirty old man. To be specific, I’m a slutty girl who’s gotten herself into trouble. However, I kept that thought to myself for now.

With his warm palm, he caressed a heated trail down my back and over my ass. At the same time, he reached around to firmly cup my cock and balls through my panties, making me jump.

“No real man has a little clit like this.” he rumbled, his voice growing husky. To emphasize the point, he gave my clitty (My clitty? Why was I thinking that way?) a light but deliberate squeeze.

“Hey, dammit!” I struggled to move away, but he held me tight. Every so often, he tweaked my sensitive nipples to make me whimper. Meanwhile, he teased my tiny, tingling cock, er, clit through my pretty panties. Unable to tear myself away from the image in the mirror, I beheld a smokingly hot girl dressed in a sexy elf costume.

Fascinated, I couldn’t look away from the sight of myself in the grip of a perverted, much older man. Even more importantly, clearly I was a helpless girl getting expertly groped by a dominant black male.

Although my heart pounded, I wanted more, more, more!

As the big alpha male toyed with my throbbing, helpless body, I panted in bewildered but uncontrollable lust. Why not just admit that Kareem was right? Indeed, my tiny cock obviously would never be able to satisfy any woman!

“That’s right, sissy girl. Show me how grateful you are, slut. Submit to your Black daddy. NOW.” he growled in my ear.

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