One Of My Real Sex Stories In Selling Houses

One of the real sex stories I have came about unexpectedly, as they sometimes do. I was working as real estate agent for a while and was showing several homes to this one potential buyer. And he was so nitpicky, this one didn’t have this feature, that one didn’t have this feature. So I decided the next house I showed him was going to be the last one, no matter what. He liked t

Gisele loves real sex stories

he property, but just wasn’t totally sure and wondered if any others I had he might like. I told him I could sweeten the deal a bit to convince him this house was “the one.” He asked what I could do to convince him, so as we were standing in the master bedroom of the empty house I was showing him, I started to take my clothes off.

I Had A Plan To Sell This House

He grinned and said this was definitely working to convince him. I then took off his clothes as well and pushed him back on the bed. And I climbed up between his legs and started to stroke his cock and get it all hard before moving my lips down to it. I’d heard of a few other real sex stories like this. From a few other female real estate agents. And it had always stayed in the back of my mind that this might work when a deal was on the line and the potential commission was high.

He Was Good Looking So It Wasn’t So Bad At All

He was actually a good looking guy, just indecisive as hell. So I thought this might do the trick. I massaged his balls as I sucked on his hard shaft and he was soon groaning in delight. I then straddled him and slowly began to move up and down his hard, throbbing cock. My tits bouncing up and down as I rose and fell on that cock nestled between my juicy pussy lips. My clit would rub against his cock as I went up and down. Each motion bringing me closer and closer to orgasm, and hopefully a sale.

He placed his hands on my breasts, rubbing my nipples. And I could tell from his breathing he was getting closer to cumming in my bare pussy. I leaned down and kissed him passionately as he hands found their way to my ass cheeks. Kneading them in his hands. My tits touched his chest and he said this was the best fuck he’d had in ages.

I sat back up and rotated my hips in little circles to give my clit as much stimulation as possible . As I rode him and all of a sudden I came, my pussy muscles clenching around his cock. And that milking sensation triggered him to cum and I felt the squirts inside of me.I climbed off and lay beside him as we both caught our breath. I asked if he’d decided upon the house yet and he laughed and said, “SOLD!” I was glad to finally have had this sale, and knew this was one of my most fun real sex stories to date.

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