It is not as bad as the title because this is one of my real life sex stories I want to happen again.

The man that contributed to the kinkiest of my real life sex stories. He worked with my daddy and always had an eye for me. I would see him grinning as his eye always seemed to penetrate my clothing. With me being the huge flirt that I’ve always been I would sit on his lap and not mind his throbbing cock. One day he and his wife came over to the house for a get together we were having. While there he pursued the same antics as he would any other time.

While sitting on the couch in my living room, he grabbed my wrist gentle as I walked by and sat me on his lap. It was so crowded I wonder if anyone has seen what happened next? His wife sat close to him and eyed me at first then grinned as she complimented me. Telling me how pretty I am and how silky my skin is as her hands ran up and down my thighs. I liked that and she could tell. Her next move was sliding her hand towards my inner things and sliding my panties aside.

That shit turned me on so much to be sitting on her husbands’ lap while her finger was there inside of me.

We chatted for a while as I worked her finger as much as I could before she slides it out. Right in front of me, she licked her finger! She looked at me and without hesitation said ‘this pet tastes good”. I had been having the best phone sex with her husband and now his wife added will make it better. My dad told me to good into his bathroom for towels. As I came from giving them to him I met them in the hall.

The husband waved me into the bathroom and sat on the toilet after pulling his pants down to reveal his fat 12-inch cock. His is wife undid my shirt and pinch my nipples while I stood there looking. I listened to all of the directions she gave me. I whined while she pinched my nipples and stopped as she told me good pets take the pain. She had me bend over as she guided her husbands cock into my young teen pussy. She even told me how to ride him and that I better not holler. I did and that’s when she made me take it all and finish by making her pussy squirt into my pretty little mouth.

While I lay in bed at night I always knew this would be the real-life sex story to top them all.

I spent every weekend over their house serving the two and them and sometimes more. The told me their real life sex stories with their previous sex slave so that I could learn how to be good. I always was to wear my collar as do as told. Whether it was to drink out of the toilet or suck masters cock, his friends cock, service a party of men and women or be spank and punished in multiple ways. It made my sweet cunt drip every time.

My favorite part of it all is when I dominated his wife. During the weekdays we partook in humiliation phone sex her husband enjoyed putting her through. She was to do everything I would otherwise have done and whatever else my devious mind came up with. That prissy bitch didn’t like sucking cock so that’s was my favorite thing to make her do. Her task every weekday was to drink a cup full that was left friend masters friends every day, along with the fresh cum from master. Have you ever had no limits fun with a hot kinky couple that loves control? Or wonder of the sex games of married couples Played?

real life sex stories

You can bet that I have more to tell about my real life sex stories!!

Even when I tell my sex stories I become so moist. While retelling this I took a break several times me cool off because of how turned on I got. Honestly, I had to pu=ound my young pussy with my dildo a couple of times. I can be a dome and I love it but the control drives me crazy, in a great way. All of the spanking I received and the tasks I had to do. I loved being their good little pet.