My older next door neighbor loves young girls panties.

How do I know he likes young girls panties? Back home my panties are always missing from out of my dresser drawer. I have to admit that I love panties and collecting them is something that I have always done. My favorites are the silky, satin material, in bikini or thong cut in bright colors. I love wearing them and dancing in front of the mirror. There were a couple of times that I caught my neighbor in the window staring.

He always came over to help with something so it was normal to see him in the house. I always wanted to know why his last stop would be my upstairs bathroom when we had one downstairs. It never crossed my mind to think of it being him that would steal my panties though. I just thought it was either my dad or my brother. After talking to each of them I discovered who it could be. From then on I was on a mission to catch his ass going through my stuff.

To tempt him I would start to wear tighter pants and full back panties since he loves young girls in panties.

I loved how my thongs felt between my ass cheeks. The feeling I got when they sat in between my pussy lips when I pull on them slightly was orgasmic. But I knew that I had to switch up a little if I wanted to catch my neighbor stealing my very sexy panties. In addition to dancing in front of my mirror in my panties, I started to leave my curtains open on purpose so that I could clearly be seen.  I added how I played with my sex toys as well.

I would either prop my leg on my dresser that sat right beside my mirror or gets on all fours on my bed and just pulls my panties to the side and fucks my tight wet pussy until I came. When doing that I started to notice that I came super hard each time from knowing that I was being watched by my perverted older neighbor. One thing that I loved doing was dry humping one of my biggest teddy bears. My pussy got soaked when doing that.

The night that I asked for help is when I caught him in the act.

That evening I wore a short skirt and a cropped top. I had on a pair of flower-covered bikini cut panties under my skirt. We were in the basement because I needed help getting something heavy out and everyone else was too busy to help me. I had a big basement just off of my laundry room and suggested that we separate in order to find the things that I needed

When walking back to find where he was I saw that the laundry room was open and that the light was on. I walked in to find he was jerking his cock with a pair of my panties. He had a pair to his face inhaling them deeply and licking them as well. I stood for a moment and watch his excited then shouted: “what are you doing”? He stood there stuttering and trying to find the words to explain all while I slowly got closer to him. He finally spits out he will go but I told him that he didn’t have to.

I grabbed his panty wrapped cock and started to stroke it as I watched his extreme excitement.

I let his hands go under my skirt then under my shirt to cup my titties and pinch my nipples. He then guided them back up my skirt to penetrate my wet pussy. After a few pumps with his finger, he slid his fingers out and lifted them to his mouth and licked them. There was a table there in the laundry room and he laid me on my back and spread my legs open wide. That’s when he could sniff my pussy with his pointy nose that made me moan loudly with pleasure.

He sniffs for what seemed like forever while muffling that he loves young girls panties. All while stroking his hard dick then slowly sliding my panties off and he puts the fresh, wet panties in his mouth. He lifted me up to keep stroking his cock but I bent over the table. I reached behind me and grabbed his cock and put it in my pussy that wanted his cum so bad. Oh boy, did he come hard, I also let him keep those panties.

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