No bullshit just Real family sex

No lies, no exaggerated bullshit it’s a real family sex story. It started when I was really young when I caught my brother sneaking out. His bed was empty and he wasn’t in the bathroom so I waited in his room. I woke up to a thud coming by the window, sure enough, he had snuck out and was just sneaking back in. He saw me laying in his bed and he knew he was busted. “Mom’s going to kill you when she finds out,” I told him. “Well she’s not going to find out is she?” He said with an attitude. At this point, I considered telling just because he was being an ass. But as he was getting undressed down to his boxers I asked “Where were you anyway?” All he would say was out until I confronted him about the beer smell.

He admits he was at some party and there was beer. I was young I didn’t know what a party was even like so I asked. He tells me there are a bunch of kids from school, and some people they don’t even know show up. There are people drinking from kegs, getting plastered, and a bunch of hot girls. When I ask where the parents are he laughs and says there are no parents. The hot girls have me curious and I ask my brother to tell me about them. My brother says they dress slutty, almost like they’re asking to be fucked. He says they grind against the guys and sometimes they do more. When I ask what more means he tells me it’s something I wouldn’t understand. But because I want to know I press it further.

Learning a thing or two from my brother

As hesitant as he was, he started talking. He told me about the girls dry humping him, kissing him, and grabbing his cock. I tell my brother to keep going. My brother says one girl reached down inside his pants and pulled out his cock. He goes in detail about how she grabbed it and stroked it. But he said she passed out drunk and then he left. I noticed he was getting hard telling me the dirty details so I reached down and grabbed his cock. But I didn’t go inside his boxers just the outside. My brother didn’t push my hand away he just looked over at me. He seemed to be okay with it so I slide my hand inside his boxers. I’m stroking him, slowly, up and down. I feel him growing bigger and harder in my hand.

This is where my real family sex story gets steamy. His cock is hard, and I feel something dripping from it. I slide between his legs, look up at him, and put him into my mouth. “Is this what you were wanting?” I asked him. My brother shakes his head yes. His hands are running through my hair I wrap my lips around his dick. You might want to control yourself now especially if you have brother sister fantasies. Wrapping my hand around his shaft I stroke him into my mouth. He’s grabbing sheets and soft moans are coming from his mouth. I could tell I was doing something right! My brother plays with my tits while I’m sucking him. It feels good when he touches me. The more he touches me the more I want him. He pulls me up and I straddle him.

Fuck me, brother

My brother removes my panties and shoves his dick inside me. Once he got it all the way in I was trying to control myself. Just him putting it inside me made me want to cum. My body was shaking. His hands were on my hips guiding me up and down on him. I felt so wet and horny! He squeezes my ass while I’m riding him. I can’t control myself any longer and I cum all over my brother. But I wasn’t the only one cumming. He came too and all inside me. My body shook all night while I thought about what we just did. If it’s so wrong to fuck my brother then why did it feel so good?

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