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It’s no secret I love incest but do you know what I love more? Creampies! I don’t just want a creampie I want one so big I get knocked up by daddy or my brother. I’m ready for some family breeding. I’m hoping after last night I get my wish. So you’re now thinking, wait, rewind, what happened last night? Well, every week we pick a night for family night. We play games, drink, and bond with each other. And when I say play games I mean sex games like daddy says. Daddy says is our version of Simon says, whatever daddy says do we do. As for drinking I mean we get really drunk and well I guess you know what happens after that. It gets pretty naughty! Since you didn’t get to watch I’ll share the details with you.

We like it in the basement, it’s our own family hangout spot where we are free from interruption. It’s quiet and we can be as loud as we want down there. We have a huge bed that fits all three of us with more room to spare. Also in the room is our big screen tv so we can watch our dirty movies. And in a drawer next to the bed is a drawer full of sex toys, lube, and other sex toys. But we didn’t use any of the sex toys last night. It was myself, daddy, and brother laying on the bed, drunk, and playing our sex game. Daddy says grab brothers cock, and so I do. Then daddy says stroke brothers cock and so I do. “Suck brothers cock,” daddy says.

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And I get between brothers legs and just as I get him in my mouth I hear daddy say “I didn’t say daddy says.” Now I’m in trouble and daddy gives me a spanking. I lay across daddy’s lap while he gives me ten slaps. Daddy’s spankings are always hard and they make my teen ass sore and red. As he spanks me I let out a squeal and I swear that got daddy hard. After I get my spanking I get back into position for the game. The game resumes and daddy says suck brothers cock. I open wide and wrap my lips around brothers cock. I’m really getting into it too! Then daddy walks around to the side of the bed and drops his pants. “Daddy says suck both cocks.” I take both daddy and brother into my mouth and suck them.

They really liked the way I rubbed their cock heads together. It was like a sword fight going on in my mouth with them two. They both fucked my mouth and I felt their cocks rubbing against each other in my mouth. But all this was foreplay because the real fun had yet begun. Daddy says get up on all fours and stick that teen ass out which I did. I felt daddy sliding his cock inside me. It felt like my pussy was stretching open he’s so huge. I got so caught up I stopped sucking brothers cock and that’s when I got punished again. “Did daddy say stop?” “I’m sorry daddy, your cock just feels so damn good.” That’s when I got punished again but this time when daddy spanked me he kept his cock inside me.

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Daddy gives me 20 slaps without even pulling his cock out of me. He pulls out of me and daddy says now it’s your brother’s turn. My brother gets up and walks behind me and slides his cock inside me. They both go back and forth fucking me. Then together they both shove their dicks inside me and fuck me. At the same time, I feel both of them release inside me. Who will it be that it impregnates me? Hard to tell since they both came inside me. Now, that’s what I call family breeding. Guess we’ll have to wait and see whose seed implanted inside me. Ready to roleplay with me? Let’s do your favorite impregnation role play. I’ve got a pussy you’ll want to creampie.

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