What are your stripper fantasies? Who wouldn’t want a half naked girl sitting on them. Lucky you I know a thing a two about stripper fantasies and its one of my favorite role plays. You could come in sit down get comfy while I get in front of you, grabbing the pole with my hand and spin myself slowly around it. As I spin you get to see my cute little black and pink lace outfit from front to back, the skirt is so short, short enough that if I bent over you could see my black lace thongs. I drag my back down the pole and keep my eyes on yours the whole time. I get on my knees and crawl to you. Your sitting on the couch watching me crawl on my hands and knees right between your legs.

I stand up and straddle you, my long beautiful soft legs wrapping around your waist. I lean forward and put my chest in your face while slowly grinding my pussy against your crotch. You smell my sweet perfume and it just drives you wild making you want to touch but no touching just yet. Sit back relax and let me tease you and rub my body against your for now. I stand in front of you and slide that skirt right on down my legs slowly. Now I’m just in my pink and black bra with black lace thongs on. I stand on the couch back facing you, my ass completely mouth and nose level with you. I bend over with my ass in your face and place my hands on your knees and push my ass on and off your face. I slide my hands up and down your thighs while teasing you with my ass.

I slide my hand down your pants and began stroking your cock with on hand while keeping my ass pressed up against your face practically smothering you. I tell you to slide my panties down my legs, you do as your told and slide them passed my knees and I push my ass on that mouth of yours and make you smell, and lick my pussy and my ass. As I get wet I get up, turn towards facing you, take my bra off and slide my breast down your face making you suck and lick my nipples as smother you with my breast I take your throbbing cock out of your pants and decide I want to give you the vip special, call me and tell me what you think I’m gonna to next. Let’s add another girl and you can play with sexy stripper sisters.


Kinky Kelsey