Raquel Rapes Restaurant Random

This is a story of Rauel rapes. We kept locking eyes. He was handsome and the center of attention at his table three down from my four girlfriends and I. They all continued chatting among each other while drinking beer, watching the game and checking out the local female contenders. I could tell there was chemistry every time we locked eyes. It had been awhile for me and I was on the prowl. Raquel had to eat, it was too long and I was hella horny.

Another round, more wings, and a few downs later, I saw him excuse himself and walk toward the bathrooms.

“I’ll be right back Chicas,” I said, interrupting all the penis talk between us.

I slowly followed him as he entered the one man bathroom closing the door behind him. I grabbed the door handle praying it wasn’t locked. Swinging the door open, I strutted him while he has helpless standing at the urinal doing his business. I locked the door to cancel any interruptions but furthermore, so that he could not escape.

He finished as I gestured toward him, not missing a beat. Clearly, he knew what time it was, as he grabbed my ass and leaned in to kiss me. We made out as he threw me against the wall and immediately started stripping off my thong and moving my dress up around my waist. Scooping me up he whisked me over to the long sink counter and laid me against it. Reaching for his cock, I couldn’t contain the excitement that a cock was coming my cunt’s way. Fumbling to get his pants around his ankles he slides two fingers inside me, I erupted with ecstasy, I hadn’t been fucked or fingered in what felt like forever! A knock on the door brought us the realization that this had to be quick.

 “Just a minute,” I yelled to the restaurant polite patron as he brought his head to meet my horny, hot hole. He slid inside, filling up every section of my snatch. Stroking quick and aggressively he met my rhythms as I bounced back against his hard cock. I wanted to cum so fucking bad. I needed to cum so fucking. After being without cock for weeks I could care less who I was fucking as long as he fucked me right.

I felt a hand covering my mouth as I opened my eyes to find him whispering


I was so wrapped up in how great it felt I was moaning louder than I had realized. He held his hand over mine in an attempt to quiet me but it didn’t help. The harder he stroked, the louder I became. The louder I became, the harder he stroked. It was impossible to keep quiet so just continued.We fucked until I creamed all over his cock and seconds later he rips it out and I meet it with my mouth.


I said as he squirted slimy cum down my throat. God, I had missed the taste, so I sucked every drop until he had nothing left. Smiling, I slid my skirt back into place and picked up my panties.

“Keep these,” I said with a smile as I handed him my moist pink panties and rushed out the door.

“Hold on a second. Can I get your number? Can we do this again sometime? What’s your na—-?” his questions were cut off by the slamming of the bathroom door. I wasn’t interested in a repeat, just a hit and run.Attempting to blend in as I returned to the table was a joke. Everyone smirked, smiled, and snickered as passed by enlightening me to the fact that everyone had heard our session. I didn’t care nor did my cunt.  When I found my drink and my seat I kept my head down,  acting as if nothing happened. Who was I fooling? I looked up to find the stares of some very inquisitive girlfriends. A smile betrayed my nonchalance as I met each of their giant eyes and expressive gazes.

“Guess the bathrooms out of order now huh?”

A sarcastic rhetorical question said perfectly by my best friend. All we could do was laugh. What did they expect? Girls got to do, what girls got to do. Raquel Rapes Restaurant Random won’t be the last headline in my black book!


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If not, you never know,

Raquel Rapes Restaurant Random

might have you as the next victim.

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