Rape Fantasy of a young girl.

Rape fantasy of a young girl lost in the wilderness. Imagine a young beauty lost in the wilderness completely unprepared, and she has no idea who or what might be lurking in the darkness. The sun goes down and there are strange noises lurking in the woods at night.

Creatures chirping owl hooting and she becomes scared and disoriented. She is shivering and huddled by a tree where she sinks to her knees and rests on a tree. Then you come along and she thinks she is safe she has been found.

Rape Fantasy of a young girl.

You bring her back to your tent where she thinks you are going to keep her safe. You keep looking at the young girl and your cock stiffens and you just have to have her. Your desire to feel her tight young slit wrapped around your cock makes you wild with the need for her young pussy.

You go for the unsuspecting girl and grab her dragging her into your tent. pushing her down pinning her hands above her head and lift her shirt so you can see her perky tits. Roughly going for her pants ripping the button and force her pants and panties down. You spread her legs with your and pull you throbbing hard cock out and slam it into her pussy.

You fuck her hard raping that young sweet pussy, the more she struggles the more you like it she cries out begging you to stop. She has tears in her eyes her face red and she cries out “please stop! Don’t rape me!” She struggles in your grip and you hold her tighter as you slam your cock in one more time spraying her tight cunt with your hot creamy cum.

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