Cuckolding my wimpy loser boyfriend!

Cuckolding my pathetic tiny dick boyfriend. One day it occurred to me how fucking hot I am and I thought to myself why am I with a pathetic loser with a tiny baby dick that has never and could never please me. It dawned on me the perfect way to get back at my boyfriend for never pleasing me.

I am going to cuckold him and make him my bitch.  At best my boyfriend is 6 inches completely hard. I want something that is going to stretch my tight little cunt nice and wide. My big plan was to be going at it with two big black guys with a huge BBC, Oh I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees me cheating on him getting fucked better then he has ever and will ever fuck me.

Cuckolding my wimpy loser boyfriend!

I was on my knees naked sucking two big fat cocks when my boyfriend walked in, It took him a second to process that I had a big fat cock in my mouth. He was so mad he tried to pull me away from the two men. When I pushed him away. “Your such a pathetic fucking loser I thought you should see what it’s like to fuck like a real man.” as I forced him into a chair “now sit right here and don’t fucking move”! He tried to get up so I was forced to tie him to the chair. I looked him in the eyes and said: “I will be cuckolding you tonight!”.

I went back to sucking on the two big cocks in the room, Licking and sucking along their fat shaft. While I was on my knees sucking one of them the other got behind me and started fucking my pussy from behind, My boyfriend started to struggle against the ropes binding him to the chair. I don’t think my boyfriend likes being cuckolded but I was enjoying every second of cuckolding him.

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