Rape Fantasy Roleplay: That’s right, I’ve been obsessed with the idea. It’s always been my little secret. Even though I’m usually a very Dominant girl, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering exactly what it would be like.

Rape fantasy roleplay is a taboo that many people don’t admit to having, much less exploring! However, I’ll confess that I’ve always fantasized about that hush-hush “R” word. What would it be like to be taken and used hard by a complete stranger? Indeed, I was about to find out!

After I wrote a forced fantasy phone sex story last year about what happened with Santa the day after Christmas, I knew I just had to tell you all about a rape fantasy roleplay that actually came true.

It started out as a typical Saturday night at my fave outdoor nightclub near campus. Like usual, the entire joint rocked with loud tunes and teemed with partying college students. Somehow, I’d lost track of my friends in the crush of the crowd. All the body shots we’d done all night had me super lit!

As I danced to the music, somehow I wandered off the crowded, outdoor dance patio. Before I knew it, I’d meandered onto a strangely dark side street that ended in oops, you’ve got it, a deserted, blind alley! Not only was I lost, but the sudden lack of light also made it impossible to see very much at all.

Wobbling on my black stiletto platform pumps while I tried to get my bearings, I heard footsteps behind me.

All of a sudden, someone or something pushed me face-first against a rough, vertical surface of some kind. Since it was dark AF, all I could discern was a hard, masculine form behind me. Could it be my older brother, Chase? After all, he liked to pop into town for impromptu visits.

Not only that, I knew Chase had watched me at the family Thanksgiving incest sex story spankfest! However, while I’d always loved the scent of my brother’s expensive cologne, THIS person smelled of something even darker. Something incredibly enticing.

I felt a muscled body with an incredibly large erection pressing into my luscious ass, pinning me against that grimy brick wall.

Omg, I thought. For realz, could this actually be happening? My heart pounding, I gasped with fear; and *maybe* a little excitement. After all, it felt as if yet another one of my public sex stories was “cumming” true!

A low voice growled menacingly into my ear: “I’ve got you now, you little bitch. Teasing everyone at the club with that hot young body and your slutty clothes. Cooperate and I won’t hurt you. Much.” Ironically, I realized that I was throbbing. What was wrong with me? WTF, I should be terrified! However, I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my entire life!

I choked back a moan, not wanting him to know how much his words aroused me. Although this person was a complete stranger, could it be that my secret rape fantasy roleplay desires were about to be fulfilled?

First, I felt him yank up my tight mini skirt. Next, he tore the black, lacy thong from my body, then he kicked my legs apart. Immediately, I heard that unmistakable sound of unzipping. However, he didn’t give me any time to think about that. Without delay, he roughly groped my throbbingly drenched, bald pussy.

Laughing wickedly, he growled, “So, the dirty little whore is already dripping and ready for me, is she?”

Although my face burned with shame, my pussy burned even hotter. Even worse, he somehow knew it! Panting, I bit my lip as I refused to answer. Fortunately, he didn’t require me to say anything coherent. Instead, he simply squeezed my tingling titties painfully while as he repeatedly and brutally rammed me to the hilt with his enormous, rigid cock.

This random stranger was turning me into his slutty little fuckmeat and I loved it!

As if to prove his absolute control over me, I found myself instinctively pushing back into his thrusts as he tore scream after scream of pleasure from my raw throat. Gripping my petite young body in his large hands, he pounded my defenseless, juicy cunt, ripping orgasm after orgasm out of me. OMFG!

He wrenched himself from my cum-filled, spent pussy and spun me around, pushing this panting college girl to her knees on the uneven, dirty concrete. Breathing harshly as he looked down at me, he demanded:

“Open that hungry mouth WIDE for me, cumslut.”

Accordingly, what happens next is up to you. Call my phone sex hotline now. Isn’t it time that you indulged your deepest, most secret cravings? I totally DARE you.

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