That’s it, I can’t wait any longer; give me random cheating sex NOW!

Why do I crave random cheating sex? First of all, playing with a stranger makes my pussy drip with lust. Indeed, I just can’t help myself! Secondly, it’s the thrill of the chase. When your Wicked Angel is on the prowl, just about anything can (and will!) happen, don’t you agree?

Before we get started, did you miss Part 2 of this irresistibly hot summer night experience I had recently? Or if you’re brand new (welCUM! 😉) to the story of how this random cabdriver hookup odyssey all began in the first place, just get started by clicking on the bold text. By the way, if you don’t want to make a big explosive mess, you might want to stop reading NOW. Just sayin’.

Hey, you’ve been warned! Things are about to get a bit messy from here on out. Buckle up, Buttercup! 😈

Anyway, where were we? Mmm, that’s right. When we ended last time, I was ravenously sucking off my mouthwateringly delicious Aussie cab driver. He tasted so incredibly good, but I could feel the undeniable urge to FUCK growing increasingly stronger. Clearly, my mind could no longer deny what my body already knew. Nothing else was going to quench my intense cravings but a uncompromisingly HARD fucking from this stranger, right fucking NOW!

So, what happened next in this dirty, random cheating sex tale? I’m sure you can guess!

Unable to resist the temptation for a single second longer, I stretched out on the back seat as I spread my toned thighs wide. Urgently, I pulled him down on top of me while kissing him hungrily. As he pushed his thick, rigid shaft deep inside my warm, tight, clenching slit, I moaned so loudly that passersby in the alley stopped to watch us fuck.

Of course, I started to orgasm as soon as he bottomed out inside me, screams of pleasure practically torn from my throat. As I stared up into his magnetic, intensely masculine gaze, I didn’t care if I ever caught my breath again.

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Suddenly, he throbbed and pulsed, his beautiful cock pumping load after load of steaming semen into my eager, slutty womb! Once we caught our breath, he carefully lifted himself off me. Then, he started to stumble out an apology, which was really very sweet. However, I waved him off with a sly grin. Meanwhile, I licked up a few drops of cum off the head of his cockhead, giving the dripping crown a teasing kiss before he zipped up. After that, he let me out in front of my rocker boyfriend’s club gig and drove off, whistling.

Will it shock you to learn that I ran right in to tell my boyfriend every single, sordid detail, leaving nothing out? It’s true!

“… And, I gave him the best blowjob of my life! Well, at least so far!” I purred in a happy rush. “Then after that, he came in my pussy! But of course, you know that just made me horny for more! Ooooh, I know! Shall we see if we can top that tonight? You could fuck me super, super hard,” I helpfully suggested. As I stripped off my jacket, I set down the earbuds. “Oh, and I love your music so much, baby. I swear, it gets better each time I listen to it. I’m positively addicted!”

I kissed him hard while wondering whether he could taste the cab driver’s cock. The thought made my pussy tingle as I continued with “Oh! And after all that, he didn’t even charge me for the cab ride! Isn’t that sweet?” I giggled. “And they say cabbies are rude!!”

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