Have you ever had a random cabdriver hookup? When you’re super horny, it’s the best way to scratch that itch!

Seriously, I never thought a random cabdriver hookup would appeal to me, but lately, I’ve been totally on fire with lust! Ever since that hot hypnosis mindfuck I’d gotten into a few weeks ago, the need for relief has been bubbling inside me like molten lava. Sometimes, you just gotta grab relief whenever and wherever the opportunity “pops up,” you know?

Anyway, I’d promised to check out my rocker boyfriend’s new gig uptown. Running late like usual, I decided to skip the Metro and just flag down a taxi. Fortunately, there was a hotel just around the corner where there was always a line of cabs waiting. Without delay, I hopped into the back seat.

Of course, I had NO idea that this casual trip was about to turn into a random cabdriver hookup!

Moving right along, the dude was a youngish guy, rather good-looking for a cabbie. Something about that easy smile and trimmed beard inexplicably made me shiver. Of course, that darkly sexy accent didn’t hurt, either. I popped an earbud out to listen to him for a moment as I was telling him the address, and his voice made me think of Chris Hemsworth. So, Australian, maybe?

“What are ye listening to, then?” he asked, just before I replaced the earbud.

“Oh, it’s the rough cuts for my boyfriend’s new tracks. He’s a songwriter and a DJ. A good one!” I gushed, as he pulled into traffic. “He’s trying something new with techno beats, and even though he says it’s still rough, I’m finding them really fun to listen to.”

“That’s awesome, mate!” he grinned, as I popped the buds back in my ears.

The music was almost a soundtrack to the journey as he weaved in and out of rush hour. Indeed, the beats lined up with the traffic signals, with the turn signals, even with my heartbeat. And of course, along with the frequent bounces and bangs from the road construction that we seemed to hit at regular intervals.

After getting jostled multiple times, I became aware that sitting there on the cab’s leather back seat was making my very short, very tight skirt ride up my toned thighs.

Furthermore, my white cotton panties were really bunching up and pulling tight into the cleft of my ass, and molding to the contours of every sensitive spot. Because the vehicle kept bouncing and bumping over pothole after pothole, the motion stretched and tightened those panties over my bare mound. The taxi was making the most interesting vibrations shoot straight through my ass and into my clit, rubbing against the material.

And through it all, the rhythmic thumping and pounding of my boyfriend’s relentless, exotic, hypnotic beat throbbed through every inch of me. The longer the drive continued, the more dreamy I became. In order to enjoy these yummy sensations even further, I slouched further into the back seat.

This, of course, made my drenched panties ride right up between my puffy pussy lips.

Along with my breasts bouncing and vibrating and my nipples getting hard, I could almost feel my blood pumping in rhythm to the music. With my head nodding and my eyes half-closed, I started touching myself. Indeed, I couldn’t resist strumming my throbbing clit to my boyfriend’s irresistible beat.

By this point, I’d completely forgotten where I was. Lost in the music, the insistent, thrumming need in my cunt was driving me wild with need. As I rubbed, caressed, and stroked, I happened to look upward. Gasping, my blue eyes opened wide in startled shock…

In the rearview mirror, I saw the cabbie’s blazingly intense green eyes, watching me with keen interest.

The sexy man stared at me, barely watching the road. His reaction was obvious, his expression a combination of part shock, part amusement, and a hint of something else…


Glancing down at my lap, I realized that my skirt had ridden all the way up around my waist. The puffy shape of my juicy pussy was clearly visible through the damp fabric, and I knew he could see just about everything as I continued to slowly writhe on the seat.

I suppose I should’ve pulled down my skirt right then. But I was watching that very masculine, magnetic man watch me and so I just couldn’t resist. With that wild club beat still pounding in my ears, I felt inspired to new levels of naughtiness. Even more, to new depths of depravity and degradation!

Was this was becoming a random cabdriver hookup? As the minutes passed, my self-control kept slipping away, and…

Staring into his eyes, I finally did what I’d been aching to do for several minutes. I slipped my panties aside and slowly pushed two fingers deep into my dripping snatch. His eyes widened, nostrils flaring slightly as he inhaled my enticing scent. As I watched him, I smirked wickedly while brazenly stroking in and out, back arching slightly as I rode my fingers to new heights of pleasure.

Fortunately, traffic was at a crawl. He only had eyes for me. Seeing his shoulders move, I could tell he was dropping a hand to his crotch to massage an undoubtedly hardening cock through his jeans. “Mmmm yeah, baby,” I thought as I licked my lips. Now that was really exciting!

After all, few things are as arousing as knowing that I can make a guy practically explode all over himself merely by teasing him just a tiny bit, am I right?

Aroused nearly out of my mind now, I started behaving truly outrageously. I pinched my nipples, allowing myself to moan and gasp aloud in between the beats still pounding in my ears. As he eased the car down a deserted side street, I eased my panties farther to the side so I could show him my slick, pink cunt.

While he parked, he squeezed his massive boner harder through his pants. Meanwhile, I spread my legs wide as I gave him a great view of my fingers slipping in and out of the slippery folds. Flicking a fingertip teasingly against my clit while he watched, I shivered in sweet anticipation.

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