A “hot hypnosis mindfuck?” Seriously? That’s not a thing. Was it real, or a dream? It’s just New Age bullshit, right?

I’m sitting here on stage as the audience watches and the so-called hypnotist drones on about examining existential boundaries and breaking the mind’s barriers; WTF, it’s not quite the hot hypnosis mindfuck anyone would expect! Well, at least, not so far. I can’t believe I let my friend Amber volunteer us for this crazy stuff, what was I thinking?!

As I watched Hypno-dude dramatically whisper something into Amber’s ear, I was shocked to see her head suddenly fall forward onto her chest. The Hypnotist carried on with his mumbling before softly tapping his fingertips against her brow. Immediately, Amber’s head shot back up as she turned to smile at me.

I shivered at the creepy expression on her face, but the Hypnotist approached me before I could say anything. Staring up into his strangely magnetic, dark blue eyes, I thought to myself,

“There’s no freaking way I’m gonna let him ‘hypnotize’ me. It’s all a load of crap. I mean, does he think I’m a submissive college slut or something?”

Speaking in a quiet yet deeply commanding tone, the Hypnotist leaned down to murmur into my ear: “Take a deep breath. Hold it, then slowly let it out. There we go, excellent. Now, imagine yourself bathed in a large ball of violet, pulsating light. You are surrounded in warmth and happiness and you feel all of your worries fade…”  The sound of his voice gradually faded into the background as my head dipped forward.

And just like that, I was fully under. My hot hypnosis mindfuck had indeed begun!

He continued to whisper instructions in my ear for several seconds, then stopped, gently tapping my forehead. My eyes slowly opened, blinking a bit I took in the unfamiliar scene before me.

Looking around, I found myself standing in a bright and airy room. I’d never been there before, but the surroundings seemed familiar somehow. Weird. I heard a door close softly somewhere behind me. Turning, I walked straight into the arms of Luke, my very devastating, totally secret lover. Mmm yes, together at last! He kissed me passionately as he scooped me up into his arms, strode over to the bed, then gently laid me down.

After that, Luke quickly stripped off my dress and thong panties while continuing to devour my mouth like a starving man.

Even better, he began moving down the length of my toned body, trailing small kisses and nibbles from her throat down to my firm breasts. Cupping my tits in his strong hands, he teased my nipples with slow flicks of his tongue. I moaned, back arching as my hands fisted in his hair.

Taking his time, he burned a path of smoldering kisses down to where I needed his tongue the very most. Unable to resist, I parted my thighs for him, exposing my dripping pussy to the air.

Meanwhile, the audience watched in rapt fascination as the Hypnotist not only pulled my legs open, but pulled my panties over, lowered his head, and started licking.

Still deep in the throes of hypnotic suggestion, I squirmed and moaned loudly under the onslaught of “Luke’s” tongue. Obviously, I was completely unaware of all the staring eyes in the room! Tearing his lips away from my very swollen nether ones, he rolled onto his back.

Then, he pulled me up onto his waiting cock. Whimpering with pleasure, I wasted no time in impaling myself on that rock-hard shaft. As I began riding him, I rubbed my nipples against his mouth, daring him to suckle hard. Loving the feeling of this hot hypnosis mindfuck, I rode him faster and faster. Clearly, the raw desire and consuming need for release were building to a volcanic crescendo!

Sooo close…

Then, Luke pulled me down as I rode him, sucking on my turgid nipple like a starving man. At the same time, he squeezed my other nipple so hard that it was nearly painful. Of course, you KNOW what happened next, don’t you?

That’s right. As my entire body spasmed in almost painful pleasure, I threw my head back and screamed as the first of many orgasms blasted its way through my system. Before I could even catch my breath, Luke pushed me off him. Still dripping with my creamy cumjuice, his purple, thick cock stood at attention.

In a voice that made my pussy throb all over again, he commanded “Your turn, Angel. Take me into your mouth. Mmm, perfect. Very good, massage my ballsack too. Yessssss…” The Hypnotist groaned as my head bobbed up and down on his rigid shaft, knowing that I was totally unaware that we weren’t alone.

Although he was about to explode, I abruptly stopped, feeling this irresistible urge to…STOP.

Wha-? First, I got on all fours, I spreading my legs to give him a full view of my juicy cunt and tight ass while I stroked my clit. He reached for me, but I pushed him back, telling him to watch. Next, I briefly pushed two fingers into my pussy, coating them in my slick wetness. Finally, I slowly worked one and then the other into my puckered rosebud.

The audience feasted their eyes on the sight of this blonde college girl on stage with her bottom and pussy exposed, finger-banging her asshole for the Hypnotist’s pleasure. Finally, he could take no more. Positioning himself behind me, he grasped his raging hardon in his fist. Then, he guided the swollen crown to my vulnerable back fuckhole, grabbed my hips, and thrust himself right in.

Screaming with pain and pleasure, I met him thrust for thrust, the smacking sounds echoing off the auditorium’s walls. I’d never experienced a hot hypnosis mindfuck before, and definitely not “in front of a studio audience!” Speaking of the audience, they watched in satisfaction as my ass repeatedly gaped around his thrusting dick.

Completely out of my mind now, I begged “Luke” to fuck me harder, fuck me faster!

Since I begged so prettily, the Hypnotist began pounding me roughly, making me moan and pant and whimper. Grabbing my breasts from behind, he gripped them hard, making me cum uncontrollably. As he moaned my name over and over again, he pumped my asshole full of his hot sticky cum.

The audience continued to watch as the Hypnotist pulled away, leaving me naked and spent on the stage while our mingled cum dripping down my thighs. After redressing, he leaned down to whisper into my ear while as he lightly tapped me awake. My eyes widened in shock as I realized exactly where I was!

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