It was a hot summer night and the dude was mouthwatering; can’t blame a horny college girl for indulging, right? Too bad he’s not actually my boyfriend, oops!

When we last ended on this hot summer night adventure, I was on the verge of a random cabdriver hookup. What happened next, you ask? Read on!

After parking in a sleazy, somewhat-secluded alley near the club, my hot Australian cabbie turned around to get a better view. After all, he needed to see more of the aroused blonde fingering herself in his back seat! I could tell he was jerking his cock increasingly harder as he watched, keeping in sync with my fingers flashing in and out of my bald cunt.

Listening to him moan and swear under his breath turned me on so much! All of a sudden, I felt myself starting to explode right there in this cab! As I plunged not one, but three fingers deep inside, I worked my pussy hard and fast. In addition, my thumb sang beautiful songs against my clit in perfect rhythm with the glorious club beats pounding through my earbuds.

Finally, I literally gushed all over the leather seat, screaming as I eagerly exploded into multiple orgasms. YES!

The guy stared at me with such pleading that I popped the buds out of my ears so that I could hear him through my heavy panting. And through HIS panting, too! In frustrated, tight gasps, he groaned “Please, Miss…”

“Oh, didja need to cum or something, baby?” I grinned teasingly as I pushed a sweaty strand of blonde hair off my cheek. “Let me help you with that.” Although there were people walking around, I didn’t care. I wanted him and I wanted him NOW! I could hardly wait for that first taste! Getting out of the car, he opened my door. Of course, I was already licking my lips.

Mmm, what an amazing cock! So thick, I could barely get my lips around it! I would’ve loved to fuck him, but since I was going to see my boyfriend very soon, I didn’t think I should arrive with a pussy full of another guy’s jizz!

Kneeling on that back seat in a dark alley, I gave him what was probably the best head of his life. As I eagerly licked and slurped his hard, thick cockshaft and caressed his heavy ballsack, he took my head in his hands and started thrusting urgently.

It was a hot summer night indeed. A very *yummy* hot summer’s night!

The aroused Aussie settled into a rhythm, pounding into my skull as my tongue danced around his rigid pole. Matter of fact, it was the same rhythm as my boyfriend’s wonderful beats, how perfect is that? In the meantime, I allowed my jaw to go slack, drooling like crazy as I let him use my face like a fuckhole, just as it should be.

Fucking my throat faster and faster, the need building into an incredible, molten crescendo, and …

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