Sometimes I want a human pet to fulfill my puppy play fetish needs.

A puppy play fetish should be self-explanatory. Someone wants to be my puppy, and I’m the owner. But sometimes people don’t quite understand. Sometimes I have a puppy who speaks. Or, occasionally, I have a puppy who doesn’t walk on all fours. 

I’m not in for that. However, I’m not always into puppy humiliation play, though that often comes along with teasing a sweet, soft puppy. If it were up to me, I’d always go for a puppy who likes to do as he is told. I’m in the mood for a puppy who wants to behave, who spends all day letting me rile him up. A good boy, if you will, who will let me tease him.

I long for a puppy who will follow me around on all fours. If I ever need to go for a walk, he’s there with a leash in his mouth. And when I need to relax, my puppy is there to play with me, be it by licking my pussy or getting me excited about him chasing a ball. And besides, keeping someone to go on walks with, to feed and to command is good for the soul. It keeps me on a schedule, and it keeps my puppy where he belongs– at my feet.

My Explicit Puppy Play Fetish Fantasy

In my ideal puppy play fetish scenario, my puppy is on all fours on the bed. I play with his tail in his ass, moving the plug in and out of him while I pet his thighs. Of course, I never touch his cock. 

Only good bitches get their cock petted.

Instead, he’s worked up from the walking and heeling I made him do earlier. His muscles are straining, and of course, I’ve been pressing kisses all over his body. I’ve licked and sucked on every inch of bare flesh I can find, telling my puppy to “stay” each time I do so. We’re “waiting”, he and I, until he can’t take it anymore. 

Whines fill the room, half-barks and pleas for me to touch him, but my puppy is a good boy. For example, I open his legs to kiss at his taint, that spot right between his balls and his ass. Not once does he move his hips to get me to kiss his cock. Nor does he beg me. He just remains calm, trembling, cock dripping along his stomach. 

Rewarding My Puppy in Puppy Play Fetish

A good puppy, of course, always gets his reward. So after hours of ignoring his cock, I press into his pretty hole to play with his tail. My puppy shakes and squeals, though words never leave his lips. In that regard, he’s a perfect puppy.

I push my fingertips in, spreading that hungry hole open. It’s dripping lube from where the butt plug was inside before, but that’s normal. After a moment, I pull my fingers out. 

Then, I push his tail inside further. “Bitches love being bred, don’t they?” I ask, using the plug to hit my puppy’s prostate. 

He yips in agreement, wiggling his ass. His cock and balls sway in the air underneath his spread legs. I grin and pull his tail out again. He’s all nice and ready for a big cock, ready to be bred. So I put on my strap-on harness and attach it. And then to the base, I attach a nice dildo, molded into the shape of a fat doggy cock, complete with a knot. It’s all part of the puppy play fetish.

“Is my bitch ready to be bred?” I ask. 

He whines. His hips lift up, as much as they can, and his face stays down in the pillows. I adjust myself behind him and smile. And then I push in, deep inside his little breeding hole, watching it quiver and adjust to having something as big as my toy inside him. 

With a swing of my hips, I pushed that knot deep inside him. The little puppy finally, finally came all over himself.

Maybe puppy play is for you. Why not try it out with some fetish phone sex?

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