I’ve always wanted to have sex in a furniture store.. I think I’ve seen a few fun, silly skits done about it in some movies, but never had the chance! When would I ever be able to get away with it? Well, apparently, when I went mattress-shopping to replace my very old bed. I took my fuckbuddy along, because we wanted to make sure it was something comfortable for both of us – and of course, quiet.
What we didn’t know at the time, was that we would end up getting very dirty in one of them. This happened in a large furniture store, rather than a little boutique or a very open Walmart department-style store. It was the bedroom area of the establishment and it was generally very quiet. So we were left alone to peacefully jump on the mattresses and see which one would serve me best. I’m very big on comfort. But after testing out a few, our little adventure took a turn. He started jumping on the bed and then asking me to climb on top of him, which I did. I wanted to see how it’d give in to our weight, how it’d bounce back as I grind and bounced against him.. And all was going good, so far. But it needed something more rigorous.

It was quiet..peaceful..and nobody was around to see. So I leaned in for a kiss, and decided to let my hands do my bidding.. I slid one down into his boxers, rubbing it against him as  he put his hands on my hips. Within seconds, he’d slid my thong to the side and pulled his cock out through his boxers. He’d almost moved way too fast – were we about to have public sex in a furniture store? I didn’t know if we should keep going..but it was too much fun to stop. The thrill of it all.. We doubted anyone who walked by would notice, or even call security – because it’d just turn out to be awkward for everyone. Plus, you could hardly tell that there was any nudity.. My skirt was pretty modest – for once – and his cock was all the way in me. It was all covered up..and no one would know. We probably just looked like a couple having some fun.. not a couple deviants having public sex. 😉

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting