Public Sex with Tight Teen Mia

I’m pretty innocent and naive but I’ll try anything once! It’s so much fun to be a little naughty…or a lot naughty;). Some of the men in my life have shown me quite some adventure. Public sex is just one of the many fun stories you’ll get to hear about! And don’t worry, I tried this more than once. I couldn’t help myself. It’s so naughty and dirty and HOT! It’s awesome.

I was young, probably too young for people to be watching but I didn’t care. My boyfriend at the time loved to see how far I would go. He tested me all the time and this was his newest test. Public sex was something I knew I’d probably eventually do but I wasn’t very wild and I never dreamed I could be so naughty!

It was a warm summer night and we were headed to the drive in. Since it was summer they were very busy and we ended up parked at the very front. He parked the truck sideways which I thought was kind of weird but I didn’t say anything and we climbed in the back. He had put a bunch of blankets down and so when we sat up you could see us from the waist up.

As the movie progressed we started to get pretty hot and heavy.

I had no idea what he had in mind for us but I was so into it that when he started to take my top off I didn’t flinch. I let him do it. He pulled my panties off from under my skirt and he had me lay on top of him. I knew people couldn’t see, I mean except the group of boys next to us…who were definitely enjoying it.

Then out of nowhere, he sits up. Putting me in full view of everyone. My half-naked body, his cock buried inside me. Everyone could see us and I hardly cared at all. All I could think about was cumming all over him. And trust me I did;)

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