Public sex stories are my favorite!

I think I have mentioned before that sharing sexual adventures is one of my very favorite types of Phone Sex calls. I especially love it when you share your public sex stories! Maybe because being naughty where I’m not supposed to really gets my pussy wet?

Here’s one of my recent escapades!
A little while ago, I was at my favorite bar. I wore a tiny miniskirt and no panties! I love never wearing panties. So I ran into this girl named Angel. We had hooked up before. She is a gorgeous, tall blonde with big brown eyes and big full tits.
When I saw Angel across the room it immediately made my clit throb. I started thinking about the last time I saw her. When I ate her pussy out for hours and we made each other cum with my bullet vibrator about 10 times each.
“Hey girl!” I said and gave her a giant hug. Her tits felt amazing pressed up against my body.
“Willa, babe, you look great!” she said. “Seeing you makes my pussy so wet!” she whispered in my ear.
The bar was packed and we were surrounded by people. But I didn’t care. I needed to feel her wetness.

I slid my hand down her jean shorts and slid my index finger through her pussy.

It was so fucking wet. I licked my finger and smiled at her. She laughed and started leading me to the bathroom. We locked ourselves in one of the stalls and didn’t give one shit if anybody else knew what we were doing. I put her up on the back of the toilet, pulled down her shorts and started licking and sucking on her pussy.  She put her hand over her mouth to try and muffle her moans but I’m sure everybody knew what we were doing in there!
Want to hear more about this night? I would love to share every dirty detail with you!
Have hot public sex stories of your own? I want to hear about them! Let’s get off together next time we have sex on the phone!

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