Public Sex, Is A Haunted House the Spookiest Place to have Sex?

Have you ever fantasized about fucking someone that you can’t see? Do you have no idea what they look like? Well, I experienced that this past Halloween. It was the funniest fuck I think I have ever experienced.

I signed up to work a charity Haunted House. I was wearing a wig and full face mask. My costume was a bit slutty showing lots of cleavage and leg. We were assigned specific areas to stand or walk around in. There was a man in full costume with his face completely hidden from me. As mine was hidden from him it was really fun to flirt with one another between groups.

It was getting late and the crowds were thinning down. We had much more time to flirt with each other. We agreed not to disclose our identities because not knowing was so much more fun.

He fucked me hard and fast against the wall!

The stranger in a mask was leaning against the wall pressing into me, tracing his fingers along the tops of my breasts when the lights went out completely. We wasted no time in throwing my skirt up and yanking my panties down. Within seconds I was lifted up onto his throbbing cock. He fucked me hard and fast. Just as we finished the lights came back on and the foggers started pumping out their deep haze again. We adjusted our clothes just as a group of late night revelers came into our section. We went straight into our parts.

After that everytime, the group would pass we would laugh and tease. I would flip my skirt up giving him a sneak peek or he would shake his cock at me. I told him I would love to go again before the night was over. He admitted he was married and his wife was working the ticket booth.

That night ended but I have to admit I have never had more fun in a haunted house as I did with my mystery man!

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