Public Sex- Getting Ganged Banged on the F Train Part III*

Public Sex Part III

As he unleashes his beautiful strong black cock my mouth instantly waters. On Instinct, I open my mouth and close my eyes.  To my pleasant surprise, instead of feeling one cock enter my mouth. I feel three large heads fighting to get moisture. I open my eyes and all three men are holding their cocks rubbing them against my open mouth.

With a mischievous smirk on my lips, I abruptly close my mouth.   “This Bitch thinks we playing with her, Malik, put that Bitch on all fours”. “Gotcha Terrell,” Malik says. My smirk immediately fades from my lips as I feel the gentle arms engulf me yet again and softly place me on the ground on all fours.   I look behind me and see Terrell is kneeling behind me about to stick his cock in my pussy when Malik drops a hand on his shoulder and very sternly says “I go first my guy”.  I turn back around to hide my smug smile. Out of the three I am most attracted to Malik. He is the reason why I am enjoying public sex.

Malik then takes Terrell spot and without a warning shoves the full length of his cock in my pussy. I let out a very intense moan. I feel no pain only intense pleasure as Malik takes me as no other man has. Terrell takes advantage of my moan to shove his cock deep into my pussy. Behind me, I start to feel Malik spitting in my ass and rubbing it with his finger. “Damn Bitch your asshole is tight.” I look at him and immediately blush.

Malik’s eyes open in realization as he asks “You never been butt fucked before”It’s not a question it’s a statement.

“Cash,” Malik says signaling the third guy, “Ima pipe this bitch in her booty you ready to hit this pussy?” My eyes grow wide in panic as the realization of his words hit me. Malik is about to take my anal virginity.

To be Continued…

Public Sex Part IV  12/14/2017

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