Public Sex- Getting Ganged Banged on the F Train Part IV

Public Sex Part IV

As Malik’s cock leaves my pussy, I tense expecting to feel excruciating pain. Instead of pain, I fee Cash slip his cock into my pussy.  A warm hand steadies my back, as a pair of lips, whisper in my ear “Relax, baby you too tense “Malik says as I feel the head of his large cock poking at my anus. I do as he says and relax my muscles allowing the head of his cock to enter. It is so tight so much pressure. I can hear Malik breathing heavy, gripping my hips for dear life as he slips more and more of himself inside me.

The pain I feel is intense yet pleasurable, my screams are muffled by Terrell who is now savagely face fucking me.  I can tell he is about to cum, and I make sure to match his strokes with my tongue. I feel the first burst of his salty cum hit the back of my throat and I start sucking his dick mercilessly. Terrell is gripping my head, his body twitching as the last drop of cum leaves his body. He tries to slip out of my mouth but I won’t let him go. I continue sucking his cock. “God damn, Bitch let go my dick it’s too sensitive,” Terrell says clenching his teeth.

 I look up at him and suck harder, a rough slap on my face loosens my jaw and as he slips out a puddle of cum slides down my chin hitting the floor.

Behind me Cash is pounding my pussy while Malik is on top of me, making love to my booty. “Yea baby girl takes Daddy’s cock in your tight booty,” Malik says as he sticks his tongue deep in my ear.  The sensation gives me goosebumps and makes me tense up again, closing my sphincter around his cock squeezing him intensely. My grip is so tight Malik is not able to move his cock.  I look back at Malik, who is sweating bullets trying not to cum. His eyes darken as he catches the smug smile on my face. Uh oh, she is in trouble.

To be Continued…

Public Sex Part V  12/18/2017

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