Does the thought of public sex make your dick hard?

Public sex makes my pussy absolutely drip with excitement. There’s just something so very erotic about having sex where someone could catch you. I was at Victoria’s Secret the other day when I spotted a very hot stud there shopping for his girlfriend. He seemed very embarrassed and didn’t have a clue what to buy for her. Of course, I wanted to be helpful so I offered to model some things for him so he could get an idea how they would fit. The way that he was looking me up and down let me know that he was having dirty thoughts already.

Of course, I had him follow me back to the dressing room so he could take a look. He turned so bright red when I walked out in a sexy push-up bra and a tiny thong. His dick sure didn’t have a problem standing right at attention though. That was all I needed to see. Then it was time for me to give him the little extra push into having public sex. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the dressing room with me when no one was looking.

I slid my hand down to that big bulge and gave it a squeeze. He throbbed and pulsed against my hand through his pants. Sinking down to my knees I slid that zipper down and didn’t give him a chance to protest. All he could do was moan as my experienced lips wrapped around his cock, taking him balls deep. It was only a matter of minutes before he forgot where he was and why he was there. Soon I was turned around hands on the wall, having amazing rough sex as that hot young stud pounded me from behind. We both came so hard I’m pretty sure that the entire store heard us having animal sex and getting off.

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