Does rough sex in a dark alley get you off?

There’s just something so very dirty about having rough sex in a dark alley. Being out in the open where anyone could walk past and catch us makes my pussy drip. Since I’m a married woman I have to sneak young cock in where I can. Sometimes the best place to do that is in a dark alley. It’s more anonymous and no strings attached. I don’t even bother to get the name of the stud fucking me half the time. After all, the only thing that truly matters is how he works those hips for me.

I love rough sex, where a man takes control of what he wants, especially if it’s one of my dirty teacher sex stories. The best place I’ve found to pick up strangers is a bar or club late at night. All it takes is a sexy outfit showing off my big tits, long legs and round juicy ass. Once a hot stud sees me dirty dancing it doesn’t long for them to get rock hard and ready to fuck anywhere. I like to slip right in front of a sexy young stud, and grind right against him. When he’s panting and ready to go, I tell him to meet me outside in the back alley.

All of that cock teasing all night long has him ready to take what he wants. I spread my thighs, put my hands on the wall and wait for him to lift my dress. Pulling my hair and slamming that rock hard dick deep inside of me drives me crazy. The cool air on my skin makes my nipples so stiff and I don’t have to hold my moans back. I don’t care who hears or sees us fucking, it makes it even hotter if they do. If I’m lucky and loud enough, maybe another horny,  big dicked stud will join in on the hardcore sex fun. The more cocks the better!

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